Samsung Good lock: The first app you need to install in your Samsung phone

Samsung Good Lock is a most powerful app for Samsung smartphones. It provides so many features’ options for Samsung users. Easily you can find Samsung Good Lock but it’s only present on Samsung devices. For that you have to open the Galaxy Store app and look for Good Lock. You can also press the button below if you want to obtain there right now.

Apart from that it is not the complete process. Good Lock has a group of modules, and each module has its own app. When you open the app and choose an option, you divert back to the Galaxy Store to install that specific module.

Samsung Good Lock:

Good Lock is created by Samsung this apps permit you to recreate the look and sense of your Galaxy smartphone device. You can use it to customize all things such as your home and lock screen, recent apps layout, clock face, Quick Settings panel, and much more.

If you want individual Good Lock from other customization apps is the number of choices it has and how ably they perform jointly. The replacement you create in the app sense essential to One UI. Samsung upgrade the app each year to support the upcoming version of One UI.


 Download Samsung Good lock:

Good Lock is not present on the Google Play Store for that you have to acquire it from Samsung’s Galaxy Store alternatively, which arrives pre-installed on all Samsung devices. Release the Galaxy Store app, looking for Good Lock, and install it from there.

Good Lock can only be officially obtained from Samsung’s Galaxy Store its attainability is bounded to the flagship Galaxy and choose mid-range devices. The app is present on third-party platforms as well you can receive it officially only from the Galaxy Store.

If you do not have a Galaxy smartphone but still you want to use the app, Fine Lock is an amazing as compared to Good Lock. It’s present on the Play Store and arrive with the similar features.

Method to use Samsung Good Lock:

After downloading and opening the Good Lock app for example Home Up, LockStar, MultiStar, etc. Each and every module point out a particular segment of the software and keep settings to customize it. When you press the download button on a module, you are diverting to the Galaxy Store to install its app. This creates the process a bit unwieldy, but on the light side, you don’t require to lose your storage on the modules you don’t want to use.

Now you install the apps you can find useful, provide them the unusual authorization if compulsory, and turn on them to access their features. Recently, Good Lock had 15 modules, but this may remove in the future as the app receive updated to get support for new One UI versions.

Samsung Good Lock (1)

Good lock module you should use them:

Good Lock module is more useful as compared to other. But it’s not compulsory to download all the modules you can get most out of the apps here we mention some modules step by step:

  • Home Up
  • LockStar
  • Wonderland
  • Theme Park
  • One Hand Operation +

Home Up:

Home Up is the first Good Lock module to download after acquiring the app it is the default customization guide for Galaxy customers. Home Up option hold five dissimilar circle of settings adding Home screen, Folder, Backup and Restore, Share Manager, and Task Changer.

If you want to obtain a clearer and cleaner look in your home and apps screen, then this is the best app for hiding the apps level. With the help of this app, you can also change the layout of the current page. Apart from that covering the complete screen it only can open in pop up style.


It is used for lock screen customization for example – the clock, music widget, and notification icons manually you can change that. If you want to attempt wallpaper Change option, then you can also do that. It gives permission to misplace the default shortcuts on the lock screen (Phone and Camera app) using six apps of your selection for an instant release. But one more thing is that apart from the fingerprint scanner you can hide some more icons from system.


If you want to make your screen vibrant it is the best choice if you want to make custom live wallpaper for your dashboard, then it will help you. Your static wallpaper or stretch it out you can also place a video on the top.

Theme Park:

Using this you can change your wallpaper every time. Your device shows you a color pallet you can pick any color of them, but one thing is that if you want to create your own color pallet that it won’t give you permission for create it. Selecting color, you can also create a custom theme for your own device, but your changes are applicable form different segment of One UI for example-the keyboard, Quick Settings panel, Volume panel, and so on.

One Hand Operation +

Using One Hand Operation +, you can set ap to six action to manage each indication. Therefore, left and right, to receive a total of 12 actions. The actions are fix depend on the supervision in which you are interchange the indication management. Apart from that the One Hand Operation + is available on the Play Store.

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