Paramount Plus App on Samsung TV: Beginner’s Guide

Samsung TV is one the best televisions yet in the market. Here in this article, we will check about Paramount Plus App on Samsung TV and how to use it. If you’re not sure what year your Samsung TV was built, you can use your model number to find out.

How do I Sign Up for Paramount+ on Samsung TV?

  • To use Paramount+ on your Samsung TV, just visit the on your computer or mobile web browser, and click on “Sign Up”
  • You will be prompted to create a Paramount+ account, or if you already have one, sign in.
  • Choose a subscription plan, then click “Continue”
  • Enter your payment information, then click “Agree & Subscribe”
  • You’ll see a confirmation screen, and you can return to your TV to Sign In with your Paramount+ account

How to Sign In and stream Paramount+ on your Samsung TV?

Once you have added the Paramount+ app on your Samsung TV, there are two ways to sign in:

On your TV:
– Go to Settings > Sign In
– Select “On my TV”
– Enter the email address and password you used when subscribing to Paramount+ and select Sign In. That’s it!

On the web:
– Go to Settings > Sign In
– Select “On the Web”
– You’ll be presented with a website and a code. Make a note of this code – you’ll need it for the next step
– Visit on your computer or mobile device, enter your activation code, and select “Activate”. If you’re not signed in to Paramount+ on your computer, you’ll need to do so here. Your screen will refresh, and you can start streaming on your Samsung TV.

Paramount Plus App on Samsung TV

How can I fix streaming issues on my Samsung TV?

If you are having problems playing content on the Paramount+ app on your Samsung TV* the first thing we would recommend trying is restarting your device by following these steps:
– Turn off your TV
– Unplug your TV
– Wait 5 minutes
– Turn the TV back on and relaunch the Paramount+ app
– If you still have an issue, please restart the modem/router, then relaunch the Paramount+ app.

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