5 reasons to carry Samsung external storage on vacation

Samsung has officially recommended 5 reasons to carry the external storage options on vacation. Anyone who wants to keep the family peace and conserve the memory of smartphones, tablets and co. on the go relies on external SSDs, i.e. storage devices that can be connected quickly and easily. Here you can find out why the family hard drive should have a permanent place in your luggage:

1. Cooles Roadtrip-Entertainment

Most families travel by car. It’s flexible, comfortable, but can become a test of nerves with the 100th “When are we finally there?” from the offspring in the back seat.

Now the external family hard drive can help: Thanks to easy compatibility with tablets, laptops or car entertainment, good entertainment is guaranteed for hours. With a smart storage device like the portable SSD T7 Shield from Samsung, even long distances fly by thanks to radio plays, music, films, series and documentaries. If you have up to 95 feature films in 4K or 500 hours of video in HD quality on 4 terabytes, it is impossible to get bored!

2. No Internet? No problem!

Arriving at the place of longing, the mood can quickly change if the connection to the Internet is unstable, the WLAN tears a hole in the holiday budget or even collapses if too many users access it at the same time.

This is where external SSDs give you independence: safely stored, films for evenings together, relaxing yoga classes and the latest episode of your favorite podcast reliably offer the best entertainment for all needs.

3. Back up selfies, save memory

Fun at the amusement park, the family selfie in front of the sunset, the underwater snapshot while snorkeling: the best memories are made on vacation – and with them a lot of data. If you want to safely preserve the moments together and keep the internal memory of your smartphone, tablet and digital camera free for many more impressions, the best thing to do is to use an external SSD.

Storage media such as the T7 from Samsung are readily available and are almost a real space saver: not much larger than a credit card, they offer enough space to quickly and easily back up a lot of data while on the go. Even the 1 terabyte version offers capacity for over 120,000 photos – and thus saves special moments for eternity.

5 reasons to carry Samsung external storage on vacation

4. Hard Drive To Go for work on vacation

Working from home is now normal for many. Another form of flexible working is also becoming increasingly popular: workation. The job also takes place on vacation. This has many advantages, especially for families: while the children are playing on the beach or in the pool, the parents are checking their emails, dedicating themselves to a complex project in peace, or being inspired by the new environment for work.

To ensure that all important documents are available anytime and anywhere, it is best to rely on external SSDs. This is especially true when sensitive data is involved that must not be stored in a cloud. The T7 Touch from Samsung, for example, offers a built-in fingerprint scanner for even more individual access management – and fits securely in the hotel safe.

5. Backup with style

Modern technology scores with reliability and high performance, but not only with that. “Especially when devices are used a lot in everyday life, our customers value an attractive appearance,” says Susanne Hoffmann, Head of Product Marketing for storage media at Samsung Electronics GmbH. “We are therefore all the more pleased that our T7 Shield has received the renowned Red Dot Design Award 2023 in the Product Design category.”

The international jury of the design competition was impressed by the slim, wavy aluminum housing of the external SSD with an elastomer cover. In addition to grip when handling, this provides additional shock resistance – an extra portion of security that a family hard drive can use when children’s hands are involved. The memory can withstand falls from a height of up to 3 meters. The modern color scheme in blue, beige and black represents the resistance of the device to water, sand and dust. The T7 Shield is therefore a robust and stylish everyday companion at the same time.

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