How to update your Galaxy device?

Your Galaxy smartphone arrive with Google Play Store and Galaxy Store, where you can download so many apps. You can select to upgrade your apps automatically or manually. Updating apps provide you authority to access the newest features and enhanced app security and stability. If you want to make your apps up to date, then you can follow some steps.

Galaxy store and play store Both have the same functionality of providing you with Android apps. Google Play Store is the official app store for Android that you will find on almost all Android phones adding Samsung. On the other hand, Galaxy Store is limited to Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. You cannot use it on other devices.

But one more thing is that if your phone is low on storage space, then the Galaxy Store app might have trouble downloading or updating apps. for that it’s refer that you keep at least 1 GB of free storage space on your phone to allow Galaxy Store to download new app data.

Before you attempt the suggestion make sure to verify if your smartphone software and linked applications are upgrade to the new version. To update your smartphone software, you have to follow some basic step:
Step 1. Tap to open Settings Software update.
Step 2. Click on Download and install.
Step 3. At next follow instructions which will be available on-screen.

How to updat your Samsung Galaxy device

Using play store update apps:

For that you always supervision your apps update timely it is a suitable method to expend their performance. For that follow some basic steps to upgrade apps separately or all into a single place with the help of Google Play Store app.

Step 1. Launch the Google Play Store app, and then go to the top right after that click on the Profile icon.
Step 2. Choose Manage apps & device.
Step 3. You can verify the number of apps present to update.
Step 4. Click Update all to run the updates all at once.
Step 5. If you want to update apps separately, click to See details and then press on the Update button next to the app which you want to update.

Key points:

When several apps are updated, they may requisite new authorization. You may obtain a notification reminding you to get the new authorization. After updating your app, you may require restarting your handset.
• If you want to get a particular app.
• Click Manage app & devices.
• Then click Manage.
• If an update for the app is available.
• Then update button will comes on the app’s details page.

Enable Auto-update apps in Play Store:

Turn on Auto-update to intuitively update apps downloaded using the Play Store. Updates are installed intuitively by the Play Store, so you can always make your apps updated without having to do it yourself. If you want to use the Auto-update option, then you can follow some steps:
Step 1. Launch the Google Play Store app, and then tap the Profile icon at the top right.
Step 2. Choose Settings.
Step 3. Choose Network preferences, and then tap Auto-update apps.
Step 4. Select your setting which you want, and then click finish.
• Select above any network to update apps with the help of either Wi-Fi or mobile data.
• Select above Wi-Fi only for the upgrade apps only when you connected to Wi-Fi.

Key points:

If a profile on your device has a sign-in issue occurred then, apps may not update instinctively.

Update apps from the Galaxy Store:

The Galaxy Store has devoted apps for Galaxy devices. These apps should be updated separately from apps upload from the Play Store. Follow the steps below to update Galaxy Store apps.
Step 1. Launch the Galaxy Store app, and then got to the at the bottom right corner then click on the Menu icon (the three horizontal lines).
Step 2. Click on the Updates.
Step 3. You can either click the round arrow next to separate apps to update once in a single time or click Update all to install all present updates.

Enable Auto-update apps in Galaxy Store:

Apps upload from the Galaxy Store also have an automatic update feature to automatically carry them up to date. If you want to enable automatic updates in the Galaxy Store, follow mention steps:
Step 1. Start the Galaxy Store app, and then go to the bottom right click on the Menu icon (the three horizontal lines).
Step 2. Click on the Settings icon from the top right.
Step 3. Click on Auto update apps.
Step 4. Choose setting option which you want.

Uninstall updated apps:

If you want to bring back to a last version, you can also uninstall updates to go back to a last or previous version.
Step 1. Float the Settings app, and then select Apps.
Step 2. Obtained and click the app you want to go back.
Step 3. Go to the upper right corner click More options (the three horizontal dots).
Step 4. Click Uninstall updates.

Key points: Device screenshots and menus may refer and based on the device model and software version.

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