One UI 5 plan may delay by Android 13 new schedule

Samsung users are looking ahed to One UI 5.0. The upgrade that will import on Android 13. The company was anticipating carry out One UI 5.0 beta launch in July but that did not possible, just because of Google. Earlier Samsung was supposed to start spread out the One UI 5.0 public next to October of this year.

Launched of One UI 5.0 conceivably delay:

But with Google presumed to hold up Android 13 launch. It may be possible that Samsung change their scheme at last but recently it will be expected for now. The most important thing is that we have to understand that why it takes too much time and why it will be stay on hold.

As compared to the last launched earlier this year for developer viewing Google launched Android version 13. This has shown to the assumption that Android 13 will also be launched to the public too soon than ahed. Now so many users are still waiting for that, and they assume that Google to go forward with the release in August. Google has shared the Android 13 Security newsflash for this month.

The launch notes refer that Android 13 will be released with the September 2022 security rebuild update. Therefore, there is a great opportunity we may not see Android 13 being released in August. As we previously said that why there is a record of One UI 5.0 beta will be delayed may be because of Google.

Now it will be still not clear that when Samsung project to launch the One UI 5.0 beta, but their implication it will be expected that they begin as soon as. It might hold up the last One UI 5.0 Lauch stay to be seen. It was last supposed that the upgrade would be spread out in October. Now Samsung supporter can truthfully expect that the Android 13 supported Galaxy devices to getting the update on November in this year.

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