Android 14 improves screen recording with sharing personal notifications

Sharing a screen recording with others makes you realize awful sometimes. As it sends recipient notifications that came on your phone at the time of recording. It might meet you with a situation where you either share this with others or end up making another recording. Now as per the information brought by senior tech editor Mishaal Rahman. He has been able to execute a feature in Android 14 that will cater to this issue.

Presently, on stock Android, it shows a countdown prior to the recording starts. While in Android 14, the time when you decide to do a screen recording. It brings you two options, the full screen which is the default, or just a single app. Whereby, record a single app, it bring you to select one of the last three most three recent apps.

To support this Rahman posted a couple of tweets that depict how Android 14 can record a single app without needing any of the System UI elements or notifications. The same appears in the video of the screen that you want to share. While the status bars at the top corners of the display also do not show up in the recording.

Android 13 won’t offer single App Recording

Also, it has been also observed that leaving an app in the middle of the screen recording on Android 14 will continue the recording. But it will leave the screen black. Also, reopen the app, and its contents will be captured in the same recording respectively.  Notably in the case of Android 13, you won’t have the choice to go for the single app recording that you will going to have in Android 14.

In addition to this, Android 14 Beta 2 has been released, therefore the next release represents the platform stability. Whereby, the app developers are basically focusing on compatibility and quality respectively. Consecutively, it has been speculated the final stable version of Android 14 could be released in August till then we hope for the best to come.

Android 14

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