6 expected and rumored Android 14 features

It was just a three-month ago event when Android 14 released its first developer preview was released on February 8. The official launch is yet to wait, many expected Android 14 to be unveiled at Google I/O. Well, for now, the evidence says Google will announce it during the developer part of I/O.

This guide is particularly prepared to frame up what are the related features that could be there in the official Android 14. Have a look below.

6 expected and rumored Android 14 features

As Android 14 beta 1 already has much remarking from before addition to which Google released the second Android 14 beta On May 10, at Google I/O 2023. That left the way not too far for the stable version of Android 14, and surely some of its features are exciting. On the basis of this, we can expect some of the features that will bring the revolution to the prior Android generation. For example, Android 14 optimizations for big-screen devices, more battery efficiency, improved accessibility settings, increased security, and new UI changes. 

1) Android 14 could be optimized for big-screen devices

Android 14 could be optimized for big-screen devices like foldable, tablets, and Chromebooks. Google could give developers guidelines for large-screen app quality, resizable and reconfigurable app layouts, remappable touchpad gestures, and modifier keys (like ctrl, alt, and caps lock).

2) Android 14 can have an option for larger font sizes

The Android 14 seems to focus on accessibility features to enable users to better use their devices. Earlier in Android 13, Google added a reading mode for the visually impaired, native braille display support, and audio descriptions. Now with Android 14, users get the option for larger font sizes. In the new OS, the font sizes can be increased to 20 percent as opposed to 130 percent which was possible in Pixel phones with Android 13.

You could also experience improved accessibility settings on Android 14 such as the option to scale font up to 200% (while ensuring already large text doesn’t appear too large and cause layout issues), more granular controls for developers to choose per-app language options, and other settings like units and numbers for different regions.

3) New Android 14 UI changes

There could be new Android 14 UI changes like in-app back gesture animations, a quick toggle to disable Fast Pair, and top-menu visibility for Allow guest to use phone feature within the Multiple users’ settings screen.

4) Android 14 will reduce battery consumption

Android 14 could also clamp down on the amount of power allocated to background activities (thus reducing battery consumption). This also gives you the ability to delete unnecessary bloatware in the background that comes preinstalled with the device.

5) Notification changes in the Android 14

Android 14 has added a new feature of notification flashes where when you get a new notification you can get visual cues through the camera flash and display which lights up. You can toggle these settings in the Accessibility section. You can even choose the color of the display flash.

Your choice is having the camera flash, the display flash, or both at the same time. With the display flash, you can also choose the color of the flash, which is nice. However, you can’t alter the way the flashes occur (pulse, flash, wave, etc.) and can’t create per-app customizations. The feature is either “on” or “off.”

6) New language in the Android 14

The new Android 14 will get an improved Grammatical Inflection API which will offer better support for gendered languages such as French and German. Third-party app developers can also customize the app language list per region and even run A/B testing.

Some other language-related changes that developers can now take advantage of are more granular per-app language controls. These controls now enable app developers to “customize the language list per region, run A/B experiments, and provide updated locales if your app utilizes server-side localization pushes.”

6 expected and rumored Android 14 features

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