Galaxy S23 Series Wishlist

Samsung Galaxy S23 is one of the most anticipated topics of this time. And since this flagship has so many rumours evolving in the rumour mill these days. So we continuously have to listen and get to know more about it on a daily basis. As we are already half of the way ahead with its predecessor Galaxy S22, which had its launch early this year. Therefore for Galaxy S23 we also need to wait a little more, and that too probably going to launch by early in the next year.

A little comparison with Galaxy S22

And since we are at this point, we have already experienced Galaxy S22 to its fullest. Thus it’s quite easy to define our wishlist on the basis of the gist we getting from S22.  Because we already cover much about S23 like its release date, expected price and lot more features. So now here we are trying to make this little concise and clear, whereby we directly create a list of our desired features.

So further in this article, we going to cover all about the S23 wishlist, and what feature we want to have in this next Samsung flagship. So let’s stick to this article as here we start.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Wishlist

Updated Wireless Power

To start with, the first and foremost thing that we want to see is wireless power share updated. As faster reverse wireless charging is the feature that adds the premium feel to its owner, so greatly appreciate it. It comes with some sort of guide to make that makes users understand that centring your buds or watch onto the coils properly. Therefore I also would to see magnets that make compatible with Galaxy Watch series magnets to prevent sliding.

Sound quality and Volume improvisation

Notably, talking about speakers they are overlooked but apart from it really requires real-time improvements. As per my recommendation, it’s a good time to give a great kick start to the overall sound quality to be improved, also the volume as well.

Warm tone LED Flash

Moving to the next, an improved flash. It would great to see if Samsung will add a warm tone LED along with the current cooler tone LED. It’s in the way that it automatically adjusts the sensitivity of each depending on lighting conditions or manually by the user. In order to alter the flash tone and open the opportunity to more unique nighttime shots.

UWB & Autofocus for Base model

UWB (Ultra Wide Band) for all models and not limited to the Plus and Ultra range only. Also, add Autofocus on the base/+ ultrawide cameras for macro shots.

Periscope lenses for Base and Plus models

The next add-on is the addition of Periscope lenses on the Base and Plus models for 5x-50x zoom. As Samsung is using a 50MP sensor on the main camera. Hence this lens can easily get away with 1x-4.9x zoom shots.

UFS 4.0

Unsurprisingly Galaxy S23 rumours gave us a substantial glimpse of its futuristic approach when Samsung officially announced its next-gen Universal Flash Storage 4.0 solution. It is said that in terms of capabilities then UFS 4.0 will be roughly twice as fast as the company’s current UFS 3.1 storage.

To conclude, none of the above changes is that major that would excite tech enthusiasts. But at the same time, these are quality-of-life improvements that would definitely give an extra layer of polish to the overall S series.

Quick single:

“Other things” I’d like to see upgraded with the Galaxy S23 Ultra

  •  Higher touch sampling rate.
  •  Smoother camera transitions.
  •  Better ram management + more ram.
  •  Faster Wireless & reverse wireless charging.
  • A braided USB type C cable is in the box.

Galaxy S23 Series Concept Image


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