Galaxy S23 Ultra rumored to pack 66W fast charging

Galaxy S23 is one of the most rumoured and anticipated at this point in time. It is expected to launch earlier next year, that definitely going to bring more futuristic innovations from Samsung. Also as time passes we continue to see various leaks and rumours regarding the same. And several of its specs from rumour mill such as info about the display, processor, and battery capacity. Therefore as a part of such leaks, one of the famous tipsters reveals some more facts which are regarding its charging support. Reportedly IceUniverse posted a perplexing leak which indicates that the Galaxy S23 Ultra could be equipped with 66W fast charging support.

As per the post unveiled whereby it just simply mentioned: “S22 Ultra vs S23 Ultra” followed by two irrelevant pictures that show the Xiaomi power bank. Although the image might showcase the building design and overall curvature as depicted. While the major highlight element of this leak is the 66W charging speed.

Competitors working on 210W charging technology

It is assumed that this post signal towards the 66W fast charging comes with the Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone. And since the rivals are working on up to huge 210W charging technology. So it exerts pressure on Samsung to do something remarkable in the charging speed segment and also in the upcoming flagship.

It is noted that presently the Galaxy S22 Ultra enrich up to 45W fast charging support. Although, you need to purchase a separate adapter for the same. Whereas the OnePlus 10T offers 125W charging in the US market. Thus, it is mandated for Samsung to join the league with its 66W adapter.

On the other hand, this leak also reveals the body bottom curvature of the Galaxy S23. Earlier it was tipped to be more rounded than the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Presently, suggest taking both of these info with a pinch of salt. As we are already months away from its launch.

Galaxy S23 Ultra Concept


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