The reason why Samsung Galaxy Note Series is dead

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Note brand is deceased and has been changed by the Galaxy S Ultra. Moving ahead, every Galaxy S Ultra flagship will take a built-in S Pen slit together with all the top-level specifications we’ve supposed from this Ultra device.

The real Samsung Galaxy Note begins with the current big phones. Over the years, Samsung builds orders to add huge screens and create the grouped S Pen even more convenient. But with altering buyers’ choices and all key Android smartphones now arriving with so many numbers of displays, curiosity about Galaxy Note continue to downturn. Finally, through the sales downtrend, Samsung determines to kill or dispatch the Galaxy Note lineup for well.

But the reason why Samsung Galaxy Note Series is dead?

Samsung had released a fresh new Samsung Galaxy Note model every year since the real Galaxy Notes launch in October 2011. For all the failures via the Galaxy Note 7 and its break-out battery in 2016, the Korean giant started with the lineup and launched the Galaxy Note 8 in 2017.

However, Galaxy Note handsets were wrapped to the boundary via high-end hardware and specification, and buyers engrossed in them continuously rejected them over the years. Samsung delivers 12.7 million Galaxy Note group in 2019 and approx 9.7 million units in 2020.

The knockdown was perceivable because the captivating of the Galaxy Note series was its expansive display and S Pen at first. But over the years, almost every other smartphone begin transferring with a same-sized display. As for the S Pen, you can grab perks of it utilising several best S Pen apps for Galaxy handsets, although its utilize case is bounded.

The reason why Samsung Galaxy Note Series is dead

In 2021-

The company decided to oppose releasing the Galaxy Note 21 at the time to the semiconductor shortage. An ET News report from November 2021 disclosed that Samsung would halt the Galaxy Note 20 series manufacture by end of the year. It collects about 3.2 million units of the device via the year to encounter available requirements. It was only at Mobile World Congress 2022 that Samsung’s smartphone chief, Roh Tae-moon, officially validate the expiry of the Galaxy Note brand.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Is the New Note-
Samsung may have officially killed the Galaxy Note, but its 2022 flagship—the Galaxy S22 Ultra—is a Note model in the entire name. It has a similar rectangular framework as older Notes and even houses a devoted S Pen slot. In many terms, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the Note 22 Ultra—it shipped with a similar experience and features as well as last Notes. Moving ahead, we should start to look at all future Galaxy S flagships covering all the Note features the lineup was lastly known for.

Samsung Believes Foldable Devices Are the Future-
Another cause behind the Galaxy Note’s lineup killed is foldable. The Korean giant trust that Galaxy Z Flip and Fold models are the future. Buyers’ regard and sales of Galaxy foldable have taken up continuously over the years. And their substantial cost means they give a higher benefits margin.

Samsung’s TM Roh verify in July 2022 that the company deliver 10 million foldable models worldwide in 2021. What’s more rather than the Galaxy Notes it send in 2020.

In place of having so many high-end lineups, the firm wishes to have an appropriate dissimilarity in its product profile. The Galaxy S series that was released in the year’s first half will be its flagship smartphone lineup, while the foldable that is generally released in quarter 3 (Q3) will be complete about its creative form element.

Samsung Is branch-out Its Lineup to concentrate on Foldables-
In current years, the Galaxy Note lineup switched into a reconstructed Galaxy S model via a few Note features and S Pen being the major marketing object. It did not extract much value from Samsung’s smartphone lineup apart from arraigning to a little segment of buyers. So, in many methods, the Note lineup’s extermination was inescapable.

And foldable is feasible for the future of smartphones devices, and for them to bright, Samsung moved to create room in its filled product profile. The Galaxy Note begin as a test, and its expiry was needed for foldable models another test on itself to do well.

Galaxy Z Fold 4-

Samsung recently launched Galaxy Z Fold 4 the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is water resistant. Mark that no phone is waterproof. It’s worth mentioning that the phone guarantees still do not cover water damage. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 improve our users’ favourite features, creating it an exclusive tool for our own experience. The design offers individual experiences not present on any other smartphone devices. And one important thing is that now Multitasking on Z Fold4 is more convenient than ever

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