Galaxy Z Fold4: Important S Pen requirements

Samsung, being the master in innovation, always keenly observes its user needs and that too reflects in its range of products. Every time they come up with something unique like every successor is way ahead of its predecessor in terms of features. To continue its legacy it starts offering a note experience in its premium smartphone range by adding S Pen. Moving further, carry on with the topic, talking about Galaxy S22 Ultra is not the only Samsung phone released in 2022 which offers the S Pen support. The same feature is offered by the recently launched foldable Galaxy Z Fold4. It also works with the exemplary input device whilst customers have to buy it separately.

Very much similar to its 2021 variant, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold4 can be used with S Pen as well. More specifically customers are able to use S Pen in combination with a foldable screen, but not the cover screen. Whereas this is an engineering achievement, the company had to adjust and create a special S Pen that features a softer tip. And simultaneously protects the foldable screen from puncture damage. Therefore, as a result of this, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is compatible only with the S Pen Fold Edition and the S Pen Pro.

What type of S Pen do I need for the Galaxy Z Fold 4? And how to get it from?

The first and foremost thing is that the Galaxy Z Fold4 users should never go for a try. Even to use a standard S Pen with their foldable phones. Noticeably, the regular S Pen does not only work. Instead, there’s a risk of damaging the foldable panel due to the rigidity of the standard S Pen. Therefore, the compatibility of both devices matters here.

With respect to Galaxy Z Fold4, if customers let them use this feature. They simply need to opt for an S Pen Pro or S Pen Fold Edition. Also, the latter of which is offered separately or coupled with the Standing Cover with Pen.

While the S Pen Fold Edition only works with Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Fold4 and with no other Samsung device. The fact is that it uses a different frequency than the usual S Pen. It means any other Galaxy phone other than a book-like foldable is incapable of taking inputs from the S Pen Fold Edition.

On the hand, the customers who have intended to use one S Pen across multiple Galaxy devices, such as the Galaxy Z Fold4 and a tablet, can go for S Pen Pro. The same has a softer tip, and more essentially it enriches with the feature of switching the frequency manually. In order to match the type of device, it’s being used. In addition, in the “Z Fold” position, the S Pen works only with devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 4. In contrast, switching to the “S Pen” mode allows the S Pen Pro to be used with several other devices. And it includes the types of Galaxy smartphones, as well as tablets that support, would standard S Pen.

S Pen variants pricing

Talking about the cost then the S Pen Pro is available for $99.99. While the S Pen Fold edition costs $49.99. And the Galaxy Z Fold4 Standing Cover with Pen also include the S Pen Fold Edition costing $89.99 respectively.


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