6 Samsung S Pen tips, tricks and hidden features

Samsung has a stylus integration into the Galaxy Note series, as well as some of the later Galaxy Tabs. S Pen is situated beside the edge of the device and can remove gently on the end. On removal, your device will vibrate briefly. You can also activate the S Pen by hovering it over the screen and quickly pressing the S Pen button at the end twice. There are several uses of the S Pen and more objective to provide it with Galaxy devices.

What’s Samsung S Pen and how do I use it?

There are several new features that are included in the Galaxy Note and S Pen. In the same regard mentioning features that are unique and not available on older models.

S Pen as a remote control

S Pen can also use as a remote control it will facilitate you to take photos from a distance, control PowerPoint presentations, browse Gallery, and more.

The devices Galaxy Note10/Note10+ can go a step further and use Air Actions to control your phone with six gestures (left/right, up/down, swing left/right.

  • Go to “Settings”, then tap “Advanced features”.
  • Tap “S Pen”.
  • Tap “S Pen remote” or “Air Actions”.
  • Tap the switch to activate the “S Pen remote”.

Replacing the nib of S Pen

The New Galaxy Note device will be going to have a bunch of additional tips inside the box, along with a tweezer removal tool. To remove the S Pen nib, use tweezers to gently pull the nib out. It should slide out with little effort. Take care to only pull the nib itself and not the end of the S Pen.

You need to insert a new tip with your fingers. The tip should slide in easily. Ensure that you don’t break the tip by applying too much pressure.

S Pen to take notes on the Galaxy

We can even use the S Pen to write a note in a Pop-up window launching the Samsung Notes app.

    1. Open the Air command panel and tap “Create note”. Alternatively, double tap the screen while pressing and holding the S Pen button to open the note screen as a pop-up window.
    2. Use the S Pen to write a note.
    3. Tap “Save”.

Screen off memo

Using your S Pen, you can write a note on your Note10’s screen without unlocking your phone.

  • Remove the S Pen.
  • Start writing on the screen.
  • To add an additional page, tap the down arrow.
  • Tap “Save”.
  • Your notes will be saved in Samsung Notes.

Air Command

Air command is a useful function of S Pen. It creates a small icon on your screen that appears when the S Pen is activated and can be clicked on to expand and show S Pen features and purpose. The way to turn it on will be different depending on your model and operating system. If it doesn’t appear when you activate the S Pen, you may need to switch it on. You can also follow certain steps that too help in the same.

  • Settings > Advanced Features > S Pen > Show air command icon
  • Settings > Advanced Features > Floating icon
  • Settings > S Pen > and back to it.

Customize the Pen button

Samsung customizes S Pen as you can use the Pen button in two ways:

  • Press and hold: You can choose which app you would like to open when you press and hold the Pen button on your S Pen for a few seconds. “Settings”>>“Advanced features”>> “S Pen”>>Select “S Pen remote”>>“Air actions”>> “Hold down Pen button to”>>Select the app or feature you wish to be launched (e.g. Camera, Calculator, Translate), in this example “Camera”.
  • Single or double press: Steps that are involved Go to “Settings”, then tap “Advanced features”.>>Tap “S Pen”.>>Select “Air actions” or “S Pen remote” to open the S Pen remote settings screen.>> In the “App actions” section, tap the apps you wish to customize air actions for, in this example “Camera”.

Rumors suggested that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 may come with a dedicated S Pen slot, much like the Galaxy S22 Ultra or older Galaxy Note devices. But our recently published Amazon listing article shows that the phone cannot hold an S Pen without an add-on case. The listing shows the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in a new S Pen case. This time, the S Pen rests on the side of the case instead of the hinge.

These were the six features and functionality of the S Pen that I brought from Samsung’s official website. I hope that my content helps you while searching for knowledge for which came here for more related infotainment stay tuned.

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