Samsung is developing a foldable tablet that will not use UTG: Rumor

Recently, according to the latest reports, Samsung is originating a foldable tablet or laptop. It is detailed that Samsung may contemplate using ultra-thin glass (UTG) and transparent polyimide (PI) films as OLED panel covers for folding tablets or computers.

What is UTG?

The Galaxy Z Fold4 uses a new, harder type of Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG). The company is reportedly contemplating marketing this as “Super UTG”. The current Galaxy Z Fold3 needs a special case to carry the special S Pen.

UTG performance-

But then there was news that the news was not exact. It is reported that UTG works well on folding screen smartphone devices, but the material is yet glass. The more immense the UTG plate, the more compact it is to witness durability. The size of a tablet or laptop is too extensive for the UTG to be appropriate for use as a cover.

Samsung UTG

Pros & Cons-

Consequently, after contemplating the advantage and disadvantages of the two, Samsung may only utilize the PI film as the cover of the model for the time being. Although, from other perspectives, PI film is the technology utilized by Samsung when it released the first-generation folding screen mobile handset Galaxy Fold in 2019.

Product upgrade-

The durability of this technology has been finding faults a lot, so Samsung has only updated successive products for UTG technology. Apart from that, there is no superior folding screen resolution for the extensive or large-size folding devices recently being constructed by Samsung. In the future, Samsung may embrace extensive-size folding screen products that are neither UTG and nor PI.

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