Samsung Display checking UTG and transparent polyimide (PI) films as a cover window for foldable IT products

Recently, Samsung Display’s foldable phone cover windows are all UTG huge-screen foldable IT product cover windows, and translucent PI film is also reviewed Transparent PI film is strong in durability Visibility is better to UTG.

Samsung Display is evaluating UTG and transparent PI film coincidentally as shelter windows for foldable IT products. It seems that UTG, an ultra-thin glass, can be effortlessly shattered, and a transparent PI film with plastic attribute, which is powerful in durability, is being construct together as a material for foldable shelter windows.

Samsung Display:

As per the firm on the 26th, it was detected that Samsung Display is at once investigation ultra-thin glass (UTG) and transparent polyimide (PI) films as a cover window for foldable IT products at the research lab unit. IT products suggest to large-screen products such as tablets and laptops.

The cause Samsung Display is evaluated UTG and transparent PI film jointly as a shelter or cover window for foldable IT products is supposed to be due to product durability. UTG, an ultra-thin glass, has great clarity but is susceptible to exterior impact.

Furthermore, the enormous screen of a foldable product, this is simple, and it is to break the UTG. The innermost screen of a foldable handset is around 7-8 inches, but tablets and laptops are about 10-20 inches.

Since 2019:

In the transparent PI film camp since 2019, when Samsung Electronics‘ first foldable handset Galaxy Fold device was launched, “Ultra-thin glass has a breakable attribute and is bounded in application because it folds shorten (radius of curvature) than transparent PI film.” “Ultra-thin glass will be put to small displays, and transparent PI film will be enforced to substantial displays.”

Furthermore, the increasing consignment of foldable IT products is smaller than 100,000 units even if we include all the shipment evaluation for this year. There are not so many market players, and no cover window technology has a fair advantage.

Advantage of UTG:

It is disparate from the foldable handset cover window market where UTG has a fair advantage in transparent PI film. Because of this, the firm has curved the foldable phone cover window market to UTG, but in the cover window market for foldable IT products, it is detected that chance are open to both UTG and transparent PI film.

Besides, the chance that Apple, which is supposed to head the foldable IT product market, will go for UTG as a cover window material is approving. Even in this case, it is assumed that the final conclusion will be built after extensive examination of cover window material price, mass construction, and durability.

Foldable phone panels:

All foldable phone panels recently mass-produced by Samsung Display use UTG as the cover window material. Although the foldable handset of Samsung Electronics, the substantial users of Samsung Display’s foldable panel, only the first-generation Galaxy Fold device in 2019 adopted transparent PI film as the cover window material. Beginning with the 2020 Galaxy Z Flip in 2020, the new 4th generation foldable phones Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 are applied UTG as cover windows.


Window material:

At the IMID 2022 event kept in BEXCO, Busan from the 23rd to the 26th, the cover windows of so many foldable products Samsung Display were all UTG. The 360-degree foldable handset cover window material that LG Display exhibited was UTG, and the foldable laptop cover window material was transparent PI film. All of the cover windows for foldable laptops that LG Display is delivered to customers they can use transparent PI films.

On the other hand, the brand name of the transparent PI film is disparate for each organization. Kolon Industries calls it CPI (Colorless PI) film, SKC calls it TPI (Transparent PI) film, and SK Innovation’s subsidiary SK IE Technology (SKIET) calls it FCW (Flexible Cover Window).

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