With an unparalleled look, and protected screen: Galaxy Z Flip4 emerging as the essential smartphone for this summer

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4 is rocking since it launched due to dynamic and revolutionary features and functionality, as well Summer shines dense yellow and feels clever hot Galaxy Z Flip4 is already emerging as the essential smartphone for the season.

The thing that makes the smartphone more unique is Unparalleled style. When folded, it attracts looks and curiosities. When open, a new world of possibilities opens up. Let’s discuss it in more detail.

A stylish look that really looks like you.

The extremely compact and slips smallest pocket kinda Galaxy Z Flip 4’s foldable screen looks like a small compact all-in colored matte aluminum at first glance. It has a magnificent 6.7-inch AMOLED screen to take full advantage of your favorite apps and content.

The fusion of a matte back and a glossy frame is just perfect, the Galaxy Z Flip4 comes in a wide variety of colors to suit every mood. The foldable smartphone is available in Lavender, sumptuous with rose gold, or chic with graphite black, the Galaxy Z Flip4 offers great customization.

Selfies like no other

The Galaxy Z Flip4 takes selfies, unlike non-foldable smartphones can take your selfies with the rear cameras. No need to contort yourself, just activate the external screen of the phone, turn the 2 main photo sensors on the back of the device towards you, check the framing on the external screen, and trigger the photo with the buttons of the smartphone.

Take selfies with the 12MP Wide-Angle sensor which excels in low light and highlights every detail in the dark. In the Flex mode, you don’t need your hands or a tripod to take pictures, just open your Galaxy Z Flip4, fold it as you see fit, place it on a flat surface, and trigger it remotely using voice command or the palm of your hand.

Sea, Flex, and Sun: a summer from all angles

The Galaxy Z Flip4 is water-resistant and designed to adapt to any situation. Its foldable format protects its main screen when folded. Certified IPX8. Galaxy Z Flip4’s unique shape is just super easy to hold anyway while watching favorite videos on the train or on the plane. With its external screen, you can view your notifications without having to open the smartphone.

With an unparalleled look, and protected screen Galaxy Z Flip4 emerging as the essential smartphone for this summer

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