Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 internal flashing in fresh teardown video

Just a several days after the release of the Galaxy Z Flip 4, its first teardown video show on the internet. The video display what’s inside the foldable smartphone and what’s new as compared to its predecessor.

Galaxy Z Flip 4:

Earlier of its market launch a fresh video has come out displaying the break apart of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. Although there is an ultra-fine dissimilarity, for the most segment object disparately uniform to the older device. But if you have been enthusiastic to know about what’s inner of smartphone device.

Especially in a foldable handset, this is magnificent chance to contemplate at an internal of a model. YouTuber PBKreviews create objects seem simple in his deconstruct video, implement a small warmth to the outside from panels and quickly obtaining access to the internals.

Upon opening the model, he marks that there are several slight dissimilarities when it arrives to several cables and antennas, but for the most segment, objects are bit similar to previous year’s model. The interesting section about the disassembly is looking the two batteries situated in dissimilar partition.

Z Flip 4 new teardown video

Video expose:

The video exhibit how Samsung has transformed the position of a several things compared to the Galaxy Z Flip 3. It also disclosed that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 has a huge battery and an additional mmWave 5G antenna. The primary camera sensor is also bigger. The front camera, earpiece, and batteries are clasp using a sticky.

Regardless offering low maintained score PBKreviews construct it seems simple when proceeds apart and redeveloped handset. Regrettably he does not detach the flexible display in this video, so we do not acquire to look the hinge.

Galaxy Z Fold 4/Galaxy Z Flip 4:

This is useful because Samsung initiate an enhanced hinge mechanism in the Galaxy Z Fold 4 because which could have also been makes use in the Galaxy Z Flip 4 too. If you are attentive to taking up a Galaxy Z Flip 4 then still, you have time to take the advertising offers and inducements.


Although Samsung overcast its trade in values but still its offering quite good deals like $200 in immediate Samsung Credit and a free memory update on the core device Galaxy Z Flip 4. Although, it is also giving a free case that is regarded at $39.99.

That’s on alight of the digital service promotions that will offer you four months of YouTube Premium, four months of SiriusXM streaming, three months of Spotify Premium, and six months of 100GB of OneDrive cloud storage for free.

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