Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: Teardown [video]

Reportedly, the first teardown video of Galaxy Z Flip 4 has been released now after its launch, which was held earlier this month.  The video that appeared on the internet showcased the inside of it. It makes the users compare what’s new in this fourth-generation foldable with respect to its predecessor which is the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The video definitely contains some exciting elements.

This tear-down video of Galaxy Z Flip 4 is released by PBKReviews. And the same going to show how well and efficiently Samsung has put one of its finest as well as newest foldable phone. Moving ahead, the front and the rear of the phone’s exterior are removed with the help of a pry tool. And after carefully removing it, they removed the motherboard followed by disconnecting some flex cables. Further accordingly removing a few Philips screws.

Additional mmWave 5G antenna

After watching the video, it is found that how effectively Samsung has done the job of changing the position of a few things. In addition to this, it also makes to know that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 has a bigger battery and an additional mmWave 5G antenna as compared to the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The same has showcasing us that the primary camera is bigger. At the same time, the front camera, earpiece and batteries are placed using an adhesive.

It has been found that the South Korean tech giant, has used a dual-sided motherboard with most of the phones’ chips surrounding it. It includes RAM, Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, and storage. Graphite sheets cover the motherboard on both sides to help dissipate heat. Whereas the wireless charging coil along with the NFC is placed on top of the main battery.

Also, the subboard, which has the USB Type-C port, the microphone, and the loudspeaker is connected to the main board using a flex cable. On the other hand, the loudspeaker seems to have some foam balls. And that makes it seems louder than it actually is. Also, the batteries are removed after using isopropyl alcohol.


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