Why Samsung is the king of security updates

Samsung has been into much technological advancement and enhancement in terms of innovations and revision of updates. Covering this article, where I’m going to put my views across in terms of major releases and updates that Samsung has offered with respect to other OEMs.

Apart from features and ranges that Samsung brings from time to time, we try to sort the notion through this article over its pricing as well. The pricing bracket is something that everyone could think of before going to buy a smartphone. Samsung devices are relevant at the higher price point, so here we going to discuss factors that extra Samsung could be capable of providing and that make it worth opting for.

There are days when Samsung stands last among all Android OEMs to release major software updates. Even when they did arrive after a prolonged waiting time then they are bound for a specific market only. Specifically, talking about carrier-locked units in the US market would make its users wait relatively longer as compared to other competitors.

Now all these make us think that why such a strong tech giant is lagging behind, especially in terms of updates. As a company like Samsung has potential talent and resources can’t be able to it and act accordingly. Being a market leader now in terms of market capping and innovation, Samsung really pushes hard to stretch their limits and analyse the bottleneck in the process and raise themselves significantly by making improvisation in the company’s own process.

Consistently over the past few years, something has drastically emerged and broken all the boundaries. As it relatively demonstrated beyond belief commitments to overcome the challenges. 

Now gone are the days which make us remember the days when users across the globe had to wait for a relatively long amount of time for the updates to get.

Software Updates trendsetter

Samsung has been on the top when it comes to updates even though they release the monthly patches prior before it begins.

Another great example to prove this point recently is that Samsung has already released the August 2022 security patch for the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy S20 series. It gives a hard challenge to other Android OEMs as no other of them are done that so far. And this become habitual now, where they impressively perform and show their pace over a couple of years that it’s not even surprising us now. Being a Samsung fan, I really feel proud by seeing how Samsung did this so intelligently.

Samsung have better CameraX support than Google

Notably, the smartphones offered by Google and other Android OEMs don’t offer support for this standard presently. To be noted, the app has revealed that Google’s Pixel, and even the OnePlus 10 Pro, don’t support CameraX extensions. (via @MaxWinebach)

For detailed article: Samsung offers 3rd party camera app devs better than Google and other OEM – SamNews 24

The pace that Samsung has maintained is sufficient enough and even at this rate, they have done better than Google itself in sending out Android updates. That’s quite ironic, considering the fact that Google owns Android.

Also in our recent article, we have mentioned how Samsung work a way ahead when it comes to coming One UI 5 over Android 13, and as the report says they are already in its Beta testing by the internal team. Apparently, if concerned about the security of your mobile device then no other OEM going to match this level as Samsung did in security updates.

Samsung stands Odd in Security updates

Samsung already relatively stands odd on its promise,  as providing four years of Android OS upgrades for select flagship and Galaxy A mid-range devices. Subsequently, these devices also receive five years of security patches. On the other hand, the large number of Android smartphone makers only provide two years of OS upgrades. Although it’s quite surprising to listen that even Google’s current Pixel phones don’t enjoy this level of software support.

While at this point where there is huge competition in terms of software as well as hardware, Samsung really stands out by launching its foldable (Z Fold4 and Z Flip4) range which no other OEM did so far. Out of many, this is one of the very smart strategies to make their device unique in a very crowded market.
Therefore, competitor smartphones might come with a slightly lower price tag, they won’t provide you with prolonged access to ample new features that a Samsung phone does.

Also, there’s enough depth in Samsung’s smartphone product line, which offers a device to support every kind of customer. And if pricing is a major concern then at least that extra bit of money is going to make a huge difference when it comes to software support and updates.

It has done a spectacularly amazing job and set a great example for other OEMs to showcase its ability to realise the needs of its new as well as existing customers. It strengthens its software support day by day and it’s quite unsurprising without any second thought that Samsung is the king of Android updates.

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