Samsung offers 3rd party camera app devs better than Google and other OEM

One more piece of news for die heart Samsung fans especially the Galaxy S22 series lovers, as it offers better third-party camera support than those offered by Google Pixel phones. Although to enhance the capabilities, especially in the camera segment Google really stretches hard to push their limits and encourages camera app developers to use the CameraX Jetpack library.

Notably, the smartphones offered by Google and other Android OEMs don’t offer support for this standard presently.

Now, this chunk of perplexing information reveals and was highlighted recently in the CameraXInfo app by @Wander1236. To be noted, the app has revealed that Google’s Pixel, and even the OnePlus 10 Pro, don’t support CameraX extensions. (via @MaxWinebach)

Samsung have better CameraX support than Google

It has been said that while Google is failing and not able to meet its own set of standards, Samsung has exceeded expectations. Altogether with Samsung, the information coming from various sources reveals that they work on the ISOCELL HP3 sensor for its upcoming flagship S23 series.

As turned up by Max Weinbach by using the CameraXInfo app, Samsung really becomes a trendsetter as they set an example for other OEMs to follow.

Now here we really pay thanks to Samsung, on the Galaxy S22, where third-party app camera app developers have native access to all the extensions (Auto, Bokeh, HDR, Night, Face Retouch) and can access all three sensors through a single logical camera.

This probably would be the reason that explains why the Galaxy S22 can offer native camera support in various apps like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. We will also expect Samsung to hopefully add this luxury to more Galaxy smartphones and lineups altogether. In this way, the mountain view Korean tech giant is once again the OEM to follow, as it’s already doing a better job compared to those Google and other Android brands as well.

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