Samsung Galaxy S23 Series: Pioneering a new way to empower devices

Samsung Galaxy S23, though the flagship is in mid-way of its journey and we all know this is the very early door to discuss it but despite this fact, there is so much excitement surrounding the upcoming handset among dying heart Galaxy S series fans.

Instead of being into its early phase this flagship getting so much hyped among all of us. Although it’s not the rumours which push me to write but the excitement they bring, thus would like to bring some early facts in this article pertaining to features of the most loved as well as the most rumoured Galaxy S23.

However, after the unpacked event of the much anticipated foldable series Galaxy Z Fold4 and Flip4, which is already scheduled on Aug 10 via press note officially by Samsung.

And probably after this virtual unpacked launch the next headline model from the mighty South Korean mobile manufacturer is almost certain to be the Galaxy S23.

“Check out the event on Samsung Newsroom and Samsung YouTube channel at 9 am ET/ 6:30 pm IST on August 10, 2022, the company said”.

Altogether the next Samsung flagship series entrant, the Galaxy S23 is probably expected to arrive later this year along with a whole set of new features, including a brand-new design, upgraded superfast processors, whopping new camera systems, amazing waterfall display curved and probably some fresh new colours. Now moving further, have a look at various revealing regarding the S23 series under the below heads.

Expected release of the Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung has pretty much a predictable schedule for its launching which is generally at the start of the year,
We usually see them announced and launched in either January or February each year. Have a look at when the last few generations were unveiled:

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 – Feb 2022
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 – Jan 2021
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 – Feb 2020

Now talking about Galaxy S23 and its sibling’s launch, we saw in its predecessor series of Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra respectively, we also predict that the same series going to repeat in Galaxy S23 as well.

Expected pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S23

Talking about pricing then again there’s no official statement by Samsung but on the basis of the past few generations to get an idea of the pricing that may accompany the S23 release.

Firstly, here’s how regular models have lined up:

  • Galaxy S10 — $899
  • Galaxy S20 — $999
  • Galaxy S21 — $799
  • Galaxy S22 — $799

Then followed by Plus models:

  • Galaxy S10 Plus — $999
  • Galaxy S20 Plus — $1,199
  • Galaxy S21 Plus — $999
  • Galaxy S22 Plus — $999

And finally, the Ultras, where we see a little more variation in pricing:

  • Galaxy S20 Ultra — $1,399
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra — $1,199
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra — $1,199

To add to the pricing, we have seen since from the last couple of years that Samsung settle on the pricing structure for the range, so this time also we don’t think that they made drastic changes to this with the Galaxy S23 range.

Snapdragon or better Exynos

Since Qualcomm is expected to unveil its next-generation flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipsets somehow later in the year, it has also been revealed that it has tasked the TSMC foundry to craft it on its 3nm process, the 5G capabilities of the S23 series were already announced.

It has been also rumoured in the air that Samsung may include MediaTek’s top-shelf chipsets like the Dimensity 9000 in the processing roster for its flagship phone models like the Galaxy S23, but that speculation was subsequently dissolved afterwards.

Thanks to Ming-Chi Kuo, it became clear that, Ming-Chi Kuo: Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultra to use Snapdragon Gen 2 Chip (Higher proportion)

“Qualcomm/SM8550 will gain more market share in the high-end Android market in 2023. The economic recession affects the high-end market less, so the market share gain will significantly benefit Qualcomm and TSMC,” tips Ming Chi-Kuo and now the only thing left for us to do is wait and see what the future holds for Samsung’s Exynos.

Have a look at this statement as well which is stated by Cristiano Amon, Qualcomm president and CEO, So considering the processor we have a lot to assure that S23 will be packed with mighty Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipsets

“And what I can say at this point is we were 75% on Galaxy S22 before the agreement. You should be thinking about we’re going to be much better than that on Galaxy S23 and beyond… You should think about us powering their devices globally.”

Cristiano Amon, Qualcomm president and CEO

Galaxy S23 Camera

As Cameras are the mainstream feature that is another major selling point on Galaxy phones, and considering the camera segment then we’re seeing rumours being widely reported that one of the S23 models – which is most likely the Galaxy S23 Ultra – will come with Samsung’s new 200MP ISOCELL HP1 sensor in its main camera.

To be noted, this sensor was announced by the company back in September 2021 but has not appeared yet on any of the company’s devices. Also, it promises impressive low-light performance and all thanks to clever pixel-binning computational trickery called ChameleonCell technology. Check the Samsung statement over it.

“For ultimate low-light photography, the ISOCELL HP1 features an all-new ChameleonCell technology, a pixel-binning technology that uses a two-by-two, four-by-four or full pixel layout depending on the environment. In a low-lit environment, the HP1 transforms into a 12.5MP image sensor with large 2.56μm pixels by merging 16 neighboring pixels. The newly formed 2.56μm pixel is capable of more light absorption and sensitivity, producing brighter and clearer photos in in-doors or in the evening.”


Some other rumour, from GalaxyClub, subsequently claims that the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus both come with a 12MP front camera. Now that’s something really marks the first time either model has had a selfie resolution upgrade since after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 in the year 2019 respectively.

A recent unveiling regarding ISOCELL HP3 200MP camera sensor by Samsung could have poured more water into that respective circulating rumours all around.

Also, recently famous tipster Ice universe revealed in its tweet that ISOCELL HP3 sensors are not adopted by Galaxy S23, have a look at it below:

As per the recent information, Samsung Electro-Mechanics will get 70% of orders for the new 200MP ISOCELL sensor. Namely, the Galaxy S23 could be the first Samsung device to use the 200MP ISOCELL HP3.

Therefore from so much gossip around, it’s very clear that S23 will be packed with a 200MP camera although sensor information like would be it ISOCELL HP1 or ISOCELL HP3  remains uncertain.

To know more, refer to the below article: 10MP 10x: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to use same telephoto camera – SamNews 24

UFS 4.0 rumours 

Unsurprisingly Galaxy S23 rumours gave us a substantial glimpse of its futuristic approach when Samsung officially announced its next-gen Universal Flash Storage 4.0 solution. It is said that in terms of capabilities then UFS 4.0 will be roughly twice as fast as the company’s current UFS 3.1 storage. And all together with production by the Samsung Semiconductor unit set to start in Q3 2022, it’s all ready to line up well for the new tech on the Galaxy S23 to potentially debut early next year.

What we want to see

Better battery life 
The battery in the Galaxy S23 predecessors is not that good would be it the S21 or S22 series and that’s quite disappointing, as the competition offers better power packs in the phones like the OnePlus 10 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max. So this time Samsung needs to up its game with better battery life.

Better cooling
It’s not hidden now that Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip runs hot. And that leads to hit throttling problems, especially in the case of intense games. Samsung also got caught intentionally throttling some apps to preserve system performance. While the move ultimately ended up as a downside. So we expect the enhancement in the upcoming S23. Notably, the OnePlus 10 Pro features a new cooling system feature that makes the phone seamlessly more comfortable after long gaming sessions.

Continuous zoom
One of the main problems with telephoto lenses on smartphones is that either you have the choice to use the full optical zoom or get stuck with digital. It has been rumoured now that surrounding the Galaxy S22 Ultra advised that Samsung was going to introduce continuous zoom.

Certainly, we want to have this on all three Galaxy S23 models, though we have a feeling the feature might be an Ultra exclusive if it’s going to materialise.

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