Samsung Galaxy S23 series: What imaginary info we have and what we want to have in real world

Samsung: As the name sufficient to prove its success in front of world with its competitive design, specifications and cutting edge technology.

Now talking about Galaxy S23 and its siblings as we seen in its predecessor series of Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra respectively, we also predict that same series going to repeat in Galaxy S23 as well.

As we already heard so many rumors and leaks from various top notch sources about the most awaiting series of Galaxy S23, So it’s certainly easy to predict some of its specs which we are going to discuss below:

Rumor about 200MP HP3 sensor camera

Yes you have heard it right, as info getting from various sources it has been almost obvious that all new Galaxy S23 series installed with most powerful camera ability which is of 200MP(ISOCELL HP3).


Efficient Snapdragon to all

It has been says from sometimes back that may be S23 comes up with MediaTek processor which definitely bad news for Galaxy series lover as Snapdragon proves itself better majorly in terms of capabilities comparatively to those Exynos and MediaTek.

Tough and Powerful battery 

As Galaxy S22 series battery are not performing noticeably well even its predecessor Galaxy S21 is good in that sense,  So this time definitely Samsung should tune-up S23 series with powerful battery (5000-6000 mAh).

Other features that we really we want to see

  • Better Cooling
  • Continuous Zoom
  • Better Speakers
  • More Storage

Samsung Galaxy S23 release and Price rate

Cut to the quick

  • Galaxy S10 series — February 20, 2019
  • Galaxy S20 series — February 11, 2020
  • Galaxy S21 series — January 14, 2021
  • Galaxy S22 series — February 9, 2022

It has been noticeable that Samsung has launched its Galaxy S phones within the first three months of the year with S21 only be the exception due to pandemic scene, so probably we will see the launch of S23 in Feb-2023 as phone release windows are pretty predictable. On the other hand the ongoing global chip shortage could change the company plan, therefore things may vary also.

Now coming to the pricing:

  • Galaxy S10 — $899
  • Galaxy S20 — $999
  • Galaxy S21 — $799
  • Galaxy S22 — $799
  • Galaxy S10 Plus — $999
  • Galaxy S20 Plus — $1,199
  • Galaxy S21 Plus — $999
  • Galaxy S22 Plus — $999
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra — $1,399
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra — $1,199
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra — $1,199

Samsung always come up with some pricing strategy as significant difference seen in S20 prices to those of S21 and S22 which is comparatively at lower side. So this time also we hope for the best to have this wonderful device in competitive price range.

Note: It is nearly possible that S23 phones could cost the same as the Galaxy S22 phones.

Last but not the least: Optimum UI and smooth software’s to match the best

It has been noticed that Samsung Galaxy S22 software’s feel slow and quite sluggish sometimes as compare to their rival interface such as to those of OnePlus or Xiaomi, coming to the UI then we will expect to have One UI 4.5 which is under beta testing presently along with Android 13 for smooth performance and better model differentiation.


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