Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra: Ultimate Creativity Tool

Everyone these days creating new ideas through mobile devices. Samsung’s latest Galaxy Tab S9 series gives you the option to bring your idea into reality. In the matter, Samsung partnered with Korean webcomic creator Taejun Pak to showcase just how powerful the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra can be.

Since their inception, webcomics have taken the world by storm as a central piece of Korean culture, providing an easy, scrollable comic viewing experience for users with mobile devices.

Renowned webcomic creator Taejun Pak, whose Webtoon series called LOOKISM was the first Korean webcomics to be adapted into a Netflix animated series, helped to kickstart the popularity of this content around the world.


Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra: Ultimate Creativity Tool

Taejun Pak put S Pen to the screen to develop a set of webtoon-style illustrations, highlighting different features and functions. The illustrations bring into animated focus the new tablet’s benefits, including the IP68 rating for water and dust resistance and the innovative Vision Booster technology that keeps the display vivid and clear even in bright lighting conditions.

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