Samsung adds Wallet, Thermo Check, and WhatsApp to Galaxy Watch Series

Samsung is all set to bring a range of new apps for its Galaxy Watch series. According to the official statement, Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and 4 Series users will soon be able to use the Samsung Wallet, Thermo Check and WhatsApp.

Samsung Wallet: Samsung Wallet will come to the new Galaxy Watch series too. With the all-in-one Samsung Wallet app, users can easily make payments, provide IDs and pull up show tickets2 right on their smartwatch.

Thermo Check: Thanks to the new Skin Temperature API — a part of Samsung’s Privileged Health software development kit (SDK) — partners can now take full advantage of the Galaxy Watch’s advanced infrared technology for temperature measurements. The new Thermo Check app allows users to easily measure the temperature of their surroundings, from meals they are about to eat to water they are about to swim in, all without any physical contact required. It’ll be available first on the upcoming Galaxy Watch devices and later expanded to Galaxy Watch 5 series.

WhatsApp: The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4 users can now use WhatsApp’s first-ever smartwatch app.

Through the introduction of these new features, Samsung Galaxy Watch series will gain more versatile functions and a more streamlined usability. With still more to be unveiled at Galaxy Unpacked on July 26 at 8 p.m. KST / 7 a.m. EST, Samsung continues to make more of the wider app ecosystem available on its Galaxy Watch series and maximize users’ experience.

Galaxy Watch to get Samsung Wallet, Thermo Check and WhatsApp

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