Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Ambient Sound feature update rolling out in Korea

Samsung has recently released an intriguing update for the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. Users can expect an enhanced ambient sound volume feature specifically designed to assist individuals with hearing difficulties. The update is now rolling out in Korea with the latest firmware version R510XXU0AWF3.

This update, set to be released in the upcoming weeks will introduce two extra levels to the existing Ambient Sound feature. With a total of five amplification levels, this advancement aims to extend the benefits of improved hearing to a broader range of users, as stated by the Korean tech giant.

Ambient Sound

The all-new firmware update is all set to bring an exciting capability to the table: the ability to utilize distinct Ambient Sound levels for each earbud, enabling precise adjustment of amplification according to individual hearing needs. Additionally, users now have the option to customize the tone range across five different stages, ranging from soft to clear.

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