Google soon enable users to submit an image to Bard

Reportedly at I/O 2023, Google demonstrated various forthcoming features for Bard. Out of which, the image support now starts rolling out.

Apparently, the newest update to Bard will subsequently return images from Google Search. Therefore, it enables you to visualize responses when it is found relevant to it. For instance, if someone asks for interesting places to visit then every of its listing will be assisted by a picture.

While images tend to appear under each bullet point with the site name. Also, the favicon is visible in the top right corner. Further, tapping opens the link whereas hovering over the same depicts the URL along with right-click menu. In the interim, you can also ask for photos directly similar to any other image search.

Additionally, this is the first visual update with Google soon enable users to submit an image to Bard. In order to ask a question or make a request of it. Consider an example of the picture of two dogs and ask Bard to give some funny caption about the same. Google Lens is leveraged for image analysis.

The support for image generation is also there through Adobe Firefly. Meanwhile, at I/O, Google Bard achieved a dark theme, support for Korean and Japanese, Gmail/Docs export, and English availability in over 180 countries respectively.

Google soon enable users to submit an image to Bard

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