Google rolls out new Side Panel Update for Customizing Chrome

Initiate from the desktop New Tab Page, Google is extraordinarily focused on how you can “Customize Chrome,” and the UI. As a part of this, the tech behemoth has been newly updated to support the side panel.

Additionally, the customization options date back to 2019, while presently no longer available to open a dialog box that acquires the center of your screen. At the same time, customizing the Chrome side panel including Reading List, Bookmarks, and Journeys. It enables some UI consistency. Whereas accountably the forthcoming Reading Mode will also be present here.

Google says this design lets you “easily see how they will show up on your New Tab page as you make changes.”

Moving ahead, appearance is the first section to notice that has 15 preset color pairings. It comes with the choice to enter your own RGB values. Whereby, you can also able to opt for a background image from multiple albums. It consists of those that are built into Pixel phones or available on Android in Google Wallpapers. The same includes Landscapes, Textures, Life, Earth, Art, Cityscapes, Geometric shapes, and Seascapes. Inside each of these, there’s a “Refresh daily” toggle. Also, the collection further includes Asian & Pacific Islander, LGBTQ+, Latino, Black, and Native American artists.

Alternatively, Shortcuts control the site favicons that seem to appear under the NTP search bar. Whereas, there are options for “My shortcuts” and “Most visited sites” as well. At last, the last section, Cards, consist of recipe ideas, carts, and discounts respectively. In contrast, all this comes before the Material You redesign later this year.

Google rolls out new Side Panel Update for Customizing Chrome

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