Android’s Reading mode allows you convert any article into a mini podcast

Reading news and other information that comes in the form of text is usually prove to be cumbersome at times. Especially when you’re doing or being involved in something. In such a scenario podcasts and audiobooks are the easy go. Notably, last year, Google launched its Reading Mode app to overcome the issue. Now subsequently, the app got its first update since its launch.

As its name implies Reading mode can able to read any text on your screen by using the text-to-speech model. This is very much similar to the TalkBack accessibility service on Android or Microsoft’s Narrator for Windows. This proves to be a great service for quality of life convenience since it allows you to focus on other stuff simultaneously.

It is available to download from Play Store. While the app got its first update (v1.1). It enables the capability to keep listening to the Reading Mode audio after switching to another app or in the event of turning off the device screen. Also, this new update will enable media-like control. The option included here is to play, pause, or skip to the next sentence.

Since the newest update to Reading mode is rolling out on the Play Store. Although, it isn’t widely available as of now. Also, if anyone would rather prefer not to wait, then they can try sideloading the update from APKMirror.

Android’s Reading mode allows you convert any article into a mini podcast

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