Galaxy S23 Series is first to get Android 14 (One UI 6), Check Android 14 Features

Google has finally introduced the first developer preview of Android 14. The company has also shared the pre-release timeline for Android 14. If it checks the plan, we are looking at two developer previews and four beta releases before the stable release hits sometime after July.

Android 14 DP1 highlights three key changes – accessibility, battery life, and security. Now, you can scale fonts to a much larger size (200 percent versus the earlier 130 percent). As introduced in Samsung One UI 5, Android 14 also be able to provide you the option to set preferred languages for apps.

Android 14 DP1
(Android 14 DP1)

Android 14 DP1 brings some battery saver options. There are tighter controls on alarms, foreground tasks and internal broadcasts, all of which can reduce power consumption. Google also introduces the taskbar tweak in Android 14. Yes, you read that right, taskbar now shows text names below app icons.

And yes, Android 14 can block users from sideloading very old apps. We will expect the first Android 14 beta in April. As always, the developer previews don’t represent the full feature.

Samsung One UI 6

We hope the Galaxy S23 Series will be the first Samsung device to get Android 14 (One UI 6). One UI 6 is the next version and will be based on a probable Android 14 and we expect the Seamless Updates feature will arrive.

Galaxy S23 Android 14 One UI 6

Recently Samsung introduced the One UI 5.1 version and it can also access the Expert RAW feature, which lets you take high-quality images from the Advanced menu. Multitasking will be easier in DeX Mode on One UI 5.1 also Gallery app has been updated with a Shared Family Album feature.

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