Android 14 DP1: Taskbar now show text name below app icons

Google has just released the Android 14 Developer Preview 1 and in the latest preview, the taskbar gets a new tweak. As reported by 9To5Google, in Android 14 the taskbar now shows text names below app icons for foldable devices and tablets (DPI 600+).

Android 14 transient taskbar

It was first noticed on the Android 13 QPR2 and now it’s in beta. Now, the taskbar shows on a swipe up, which Google calls a “transient taskbar,” and it relates to iPad.

Google Android 14 Taskbar

Android 14 Font Size

Apart from the above changes, Google Android 14 also brings font sizes up to 200% versus Android 13 topping out at 130% on Pixels. Android 14 also brings tweaks related to language, starting with better support for gendered languages (e.g. French and German) via the Grammatical Inflection API.

Android 14 Schedule Alarm

Google also implementing a “schedule exact alarm” permission for all newly installed apps that aren’t clocks or calendars to request this permission from users.

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