WhatsApp beta testing phone number share in chat

Whatsapp is rolling out a new upgrade via the Google Play Beta Program, bear the version up to  As we all know WhatsApp update some features in 2022 the feature will be a Larger group size.

WhatsApp is expanding the group limit to 512 people from the current allowed 256 people.  The increase in limit comes as a relief for users and admins who wanted to add more people to the group chat discussions. Now let’s discuss what’s new in this update with WhatsApp beta version

What’s new?

WhatsApp is employed on declaring when the phone number is shared with a business, for a future update. In this article, we will explore all the important info about a new feature which will be recently under construction the name was the upcoming WhatsApp feature will be the phone number visibility.

We would like to thank this feature, basically, businesses will not be apt to view your phone number when you arrive at them through. Click to WhatsApp ad, in a few cases. When you converse via an unquestionable business when they don’t know about your contact number there will be a feature that helps you dynamically share your contact number with them if you wish.

WhatsApp beta info

In the current beta version, we covered that more details will be present within business details in the future:

It will be feasible to verify if the business can view your phone number within the business info. If the business cannot view your phone number, you will be eligible to share it with them in this segment via the app.

Sadly, this feature is not present yet because it is under construction and as we said above, it will be bounded to definite businesses.  WhatsApp will also help people to use this feature to hide their contact numbers from other members of sub-groups of the company.

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