WhatsApp voice call support is now on Wear OS 3 (Galaxy Watch 5 and more)

The splash of Wear OS 3 smartwatch is bit enough at this state, you can now receive Whatsapp voice calls on your wrist should you have an agreeable watch. After upgrading the Whatsapp beta to version, we have been apt to pick up voice calls on the currently launched Galaxy Watch 5.

This comes as an indigenous call, but it looks that this is not bounded to the current Galaxy Watch unit. Reports on the Wear OS subreddit visible that even several Galaxy Watch 4 owners are able to pick up WhatsApp voice calls on their wrist too but through WhatsApp beta version

WhatsApp logo-

Although, it looks like this is eminent from a caliber voice call by the method of a WhatsApp logo inside the contact details. This icon follows the One UI theming, which points out that this may only come when it is linked with a Samsung Galaxy model.

At the time of connecting through the Pixel 6, this was not conspicuous. Calls present as an entirely native selection through no detachment or differentiate logo to point out that it was from WhatsApp which may be a cause that this has not been dappled too soon.

WhatsApp voice calls-

Formerly, there was a workaround that meant receiving WhatsApp voice calls would open on your linked model competitively a Wear OS watch through a “Reply call on phone” option. This current upgrade gives permission for you to forgo your device as long as you are linked within compass, stating that there is no official WhatsApp app for Wear OS, this is mainly important.

WhatsApp voice call support is now on Wear OS 3

Beta program-

Should you be registered or enrolled in the beta program, this choice is present by default with no settings to list. You are only apt of receiving WhatsApp voice calls with no process to start them on any Wear OS watch as it endures. That means at least for now, it’s an appreciated but one-way choice.

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