Samsung AI Energy Mode: Everyday Sustainability goals

Succeeding a two- year of pause in continuity, IFA 2022 trade show is back and better first-rate. Europe’s biggest home appliances trade show will surely be enlighting on September 2 in Berlin, Germany. In the Exhibition hall where Samsung can impress the market, and showcase the new lineup. With various zones, such as the SmartThings Life Zone and Everyday Sustainability Zone, visitors could experience the latest products in visual display, home appliances, mobile and memory categories.

Via @Samnews24 we’ll take you to the place where it incorporated the emergence. Samsung prepared to enhance three ways. First Samsung’s eco-conscious efforts for sustainable daily lives then secondly integrated connected experience enabled by SmartThings Home Life. And then third Samsung’s latest products in the exhibition hall — making you feel as if you are actually there.

What are the Samsung AI Energy Mode: Everyday Sustainability goals:

Samsung is left no imperfect now! In every effort, it is there and at a very good position. In the first stanza of Samsung’s poem, we’ll be going to rhyme up Samsung’s eco-conscious efforts for sustainable daily lives. By incorporating sustainability into everyday life we can procure our future green.

Samsung Electronics showcases its diverse efforts to increase Sustainability at all stages of the product lifecycle, from manufacturing and distribution to usage and disposal. The three key steps will make Samsung “the No. 1 energy efficiency brand in home appliances.

  1. The ambitious goal is to implement Wi-Fi connectivity
  2. Samsung is partnering with Patagonia
  3. Home to get own energy and looking to reduce carbon emissions

According to Samsung, SmartThings Energy will play a major role in the networked home in the future. SmartThings Energy provides recommendations for cost-saving use of the devices based on individual habits. Samsung is also working with Qcells on a solution for the effective use of renewable energy sources.

Through the SmartThings app, SmartThings Energy let you be aware of regular information about where and to what extent energy is consumed by networked devices in the house. The three SmartThings Home exhibit spaces including Kitchen & Laundry, Bedroom, and Outdoors, the visitors, using SmartThings AI Energy mode, can experience Net Zero Home, a space where it produces, stores, manages, and consume the energy at home without creating energy surplus or shortage.

Doorway to Everyday Sustainability Zone


Every Sustainability Zone shows various efforts Samsung made to increase sustainability by categorizing devices in their lifecycle process — manufacturing, distribution, usage, and disposal — and Samsung’s 10 initiatives such as Galaxy upcycling, eco-conscious packaging, Solar cell remote control, and more.

Samsung and Patagonia, a global outdoors brand, have collaborated to create a new Bespoke washing machine that effectively reduces the impact of microplastics.

In partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to reach Samsung Global Goals by 2030, Samsung developed various initiatives including the development of Samsung’s Global Goals app, the launching of Generation17, and more.

Samsung’s SmartThings Home exhibit lets visitors experience integrating home appliances and devices for greener day-to-day lives.

The visitors are introduced to the Net Zero Home area which helps produce, store and consume energy at home. The visitors are trying out the installed solar panels, household battery, and EHS outdoor AC unit via AR within Net Zero Home.

When turning on the Automatic Blind air conditioning, the curtains shut automatically to block out radiant heat. The AI Energy Saving Mode within your app reduces the air conditioner’s energy usage by 20% (RAC). The Energy Usage While Away Alert feature within the SmartThings app alerts you that the air conditioner is still on if you’ve left home. With the notification, you can easily turn it off using the app while away from home.

AI mode is on at night when the solar panels are unable to produce electricity to save energy usage across all your home appliances. In eight hours, you can reduce the energy used by a refrigerator by 30%. Energy used by a washing machine by 70%.  Energy used by a dryer by 20%. Power used by the dishwasher by 15%, and energy used by an EHS by 40%.

At the SmartThings Playground’s Save your Energy section, visitors can experience an easier laundry experience, thanks to SmartThings. So, you can check there on your smartphone once the laundry how much energy is saved.

Images Credit: Samsung

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