Samsung launched a new Bespoke 2022 product lineup in Europe

Samsung made avail beautiful life experiences to take to…! Samsung Electronics Launches 2022 Collection of New Bespoke Products That Elevate the Home Life Experience

In Europe, Samsung has lately announced of release a new Bespoke product lineup. As consumers’ lifestyles evolve and demands become more diverse, Samsung home appliances have also improved in performance and efficiency every year to meet those needs. The series will showcase the company’s constant commitment to becoming the leading provider of digital home appliances that are sustainable, intelligent, and beautifully designed.

However, improving the hardware of home appliances is only a part of our long-term vision. It is important to also consider ways to make new technology continuously more usable, creating more value for the users. The Bespoke AI laundry lineup, the Bespoke AI Oven, and the Bespoke Infinite Line, the new lineup will enter the European market in the coming months, October.

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“Samsung Electronics is constantly pushing boundaries to create innovative products that help improve the lives of consumers by evolving and adapting to their needs,” said Hyesoon Yang. Executive Vice President and Head of Customer Experience of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics also said. “With this new Bespoke lineup comes a variety of eco-conscious, smart, and sublime design features that empower consumers to elevate their lifestyles.”

Sustainable Laundry Solutions With the Bespoke AIWasher and Dryer

The new Bespoke series brought a new range of Bespoke AI™  Washer and Dryer under the laundry lineup. Here I’ll be uploading some bullets on the same, to make you aware of the special features and specifications of the products.

  • This is equipped with groundbreaking eco-conscious technologies to reduce the release of microplastics from clothing.
  • Bespoke AI Washer comes with AI Wash sensors that measure the weight of the load and the level of soiling. Also ensure the optimal amounts of water, detergent, and energy are used, even minimizing waste.
  • Bespoke AI Washer is coming with Samsung’s proprietary AI Ecobubble technology. Using cool water instead of warm water without adding extra cycle time helps users save up to 70%3 of energy use with the AI Energy Mode of SmartThings Energy.
  • The new technology ensures high standards of cleanliness and hygiene for clothing by allowing detergent to quickly penetrate fabrics and remove dirt — even in cold water.
  • SpaceMax technology enables the machine to utilize a larger drum without increasing its external dimensions, giving consumers a large 11-kilogram capacity.
  • The Design of the new  Bespoke AI is unique as flat in front and has various color options.

This ensures appliances can easily blend into any laundry room and make your laundry space suit your design tastes as you see fit.

An Intelligent Healthy Cooking Experience With Bespoke AI Oven

  • Bespoke AI Oven comes with intelligent features that make cooking a healthful experience — allowing users to prepare food that is both good for the taste buds and the body.
  • The new Bespoke AI Oven comes with various steam cooking functions to prepare nutritious and delectable steamed dishes.
  • The Bespoke AI Oven also comes with Dual Cook Steam, combining the upper and lower zones with easy steam technology. This saves time and energy by cooking different dishes simultaneously in different settings.
  •  A built-in steam cleaning feature makes for a quick clean-up once you finish cooking.
  • The Bespoke AI has intelligent features AI Pro Cooking uses image-oriented food recognition technology. This optimizes oven cook settings while monitoring food to prevent meals from being overcooked.


  • In  Bespoke AI users can make cooking more interactive by creating and sharing time-lapse videos with friends and family on social media.
  • The touch-open oven features a handleless, flat door design, so it harmoniously matches your kitchen furniture.
  • The oven is available in a variety of modern colors and finishes8 including Clean Nay, Clean White, and Satin Beige.
  • The Bespoke AI Oven also links with SmartThings Cooking service to provide personalized recipes9 and intelligent meal plans. SmartThings Cooking can sync with Samsung Health to track users’ calorie goals and usage to recommend recipes.

The Dream Kitchen With the Beautifully Designed Bespoke Infinite Line

  • The Infinite Design features a high gloss metallic finish in a Timeless Greige color with an elegant gold copper Iedge frame.
  • The top-of-the-line features exemplify class in their appearance, functionality, and elevating the kitchen experience.
  • Features include an auto-fill pitcher that automatically fills with purified water when you place it inside the fridge.
  • Built-in Infuser, you can add fruits or herbs to create deliciously flavored beverages.
  • The Flex Pantry setup preserves food by adjusting temperatures optimized to the type of food being stored.

So that was about the new Bespoke lineup offering the ultimate kitchen, laundry, and home performance with sustainable, intelligent, and beautifully-designed products. Dump there in the comment section what will be the most exciting feature for you. and takes your heart pop to experience also stay tuned for more forever via @Samnews24…

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