One UI 5: Do More with Bixby Routines

Samsung’s current One UI 5.0 brings several fresh new features that you have to experience on your eligible device. The latest One UI version 5.0 is based on Android 13 which conserves overall system improvements. One UI 5 brings more choices for your colour palette, Stack widgets on your Home screen, places a language for each app, pick up text from any photo or screen, enhancement in privacy, and much more. Now switch to knowing more about Bixby Routines.

One UI 5 Bixby Routines

Do More with Bixby Routines-

With this feature now your bedtime mode switched to Bixby Routines. You can now control and balance your Bedtime mode in Bixby Routines using Bixby Routines in place of Clock. Bixby Routines help you simplify more steps when it’s time for bed, like moving on Do not disturb or changing other settings on your device.

Choose modes based on your daily routine-

Select a mode depending on what you’re doing, for example- exercising, studying, or working, and then select what you need your phone to do in each condition. like, switch on Do not disturb when you’re studying or play music when you’re exercising.

Easier to discover preset routines-

A simplified and understandable format construct it easier to detect routines that are important for you in Bixby Routines.

Check running routines quickly-

Routines that are recently running are now displayed at the top of the Bixby Routines screen so you can understand what’s occurred and make alterations if compulsory.

More actions and conditions for your routines-

Automatically begin routines when you use Airplane mode. Routines can now move on the Assistant menu and modify or adjust the left/right sound balance according to your choice.


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