Detail Enhancer feature missing in Galaxy S21, Snapchat integration is coming

Samsung started rolling out the new camera software upgrade for the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 smartphone device customers. But the exciting news is that the present camera upgrade will be arriving on the S21 (Arrived in few countries). And one more thing is that several features will be disappeared in this update.

Detail Enhancer features-

All new Samsung flagship handsets put new latest features, various of which ultimately obtain relocated to previous Galaxy device. Although several features can not create cut-throat. And as per the group of the latest news from the official Samsung community manager, opportunities are that the Galaxy S21 will not be getting the Detail Enhancer features.

Samsung Galaxy S21 supposedly will not receive the Detail Enhancer features-

As per several current posts from the Samsung official community manager, the Galaxy S21 range will take over the camera upgrade at several spots, but it will not receive the Detail Enhancer feature which protects information or detail things is discovered in photos.

The forum coordinator says that Samsung has been evaluating Detail Enhancer on the Galaxy S21, detecting that it is complicated for the firm to improve the feature for previous devices due to the desperate NPU.

Now Samsung is aiming at constructing it and for that, they are trying a lot. It comes that the unpromising Galaxy S21 service will obtain this choice. Even it would be a major imperfection for now.

Apart from that Snapchat integration is coming to Samsung Galaxy S21 earlier-

Samsung’s forum moderator also verify that Snapchat integration of native camera features is supposed to be launched as soon as for the Galaxy S21 range. Even so, he hasn’t recommended a release date, as Samsung has examined the integration. the current SDK versions.

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