Samsung TV Plus Service 2022 and its eligible devices

Samsung generally performs very well and is among the best TVs on the market! Thus in the sense of business while expanding compatibility in Samsung TV plus that is the app in Samsung TV. The Korean company lately planned and finally conclude to launch the new programs under a new brand logo. This means granting users all around the world access to diverse, high-quality TV shows under the Samsung tree shadow.

Through this article, we’ll be going to disclose a new idea about Samsung Electronics’ TVs. It is bringing a wide range of new premium content to Its Samsung TV plus service, along with a fresh redesign of the platform’s interface. Samsung TVs also Opening Up a New Era of Streaming, enhancing visibility for viewing versatility and bringing users more of the content they like more. Now let’s not delay a minute and start.

Opening Up a New Era of Streaming

In 2015, Samsung enrolled the Samsung TV plus as a free streaming TV and video service. And as of now date in September 2022, users from 24 countries can easily access connected TV and enjoy a wide range of content including news, sports, entertainment, and more.

The service was first in vogue in the fourth month of 2021. Samsung has been avail on mobile devices and Smart monitors, as well as on the company’s TV lineup. At present select Family Hub refrigerators can also be connected to Samsung TV Plus1 in the U.S. and Korea.

In the companion of internal research, Samsung TV Plus ranks third among the over-the-top (OTT) apps used by owners of Samsung Smart TVs. In the last 12 months, Samsung TV Plus has seen a nearly twofold growth in consumer viewing, including nearly 3 billion hours streamed,2 by highly engaged users globally.

Samsung is opening up a new era for its free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) and video-on-demand service, with Samsung TV Plus now reaching 24 countries and 465 million devices globally across the company’s. TV, smart monitors, mobile, and Family Hub refrigerator lineups In the mid of global growth.

Enhancing Visibility for Viewing Versatility

The new logo is being designed in such a way to reflect the platform’s cross-device capabilities. Users can more easily browse what’s on now, recommended programs, and channel lists.

The description of the logo is the blue and orange design on a black framework providing refine visibility that signals the versatility of the platform. In line with the coloration of its logo’s redesign, Samsung TV Plus’ UI will also be available in a Dark Theme with enhanced visibility.

Fetching content that users love the more

Now, the renewal of Samsung TV plus avail the user to discover interesting content. Along with these redesigns, Samsung TV Plus will unveil a host of new programming partnerships. In the U.S., Top Gear, Law & Order Special Victims Unit, NCIS, and other popular content will is set to be available, and viewers can also enjoy the exclusive premiere of the trailer for Demi Lovato’s new music video.

Samsung TV Plus is offering a season of America got Talent in 2022, in UK as well as all previous seasons from 2019 to the present. This includes the finale season that’ll be aired in September.

Furthermore, the first native 8K produced TV series, Das Boot, has launched exclusively in 8K on Samsung TV Plus in Germany. 2020 onwards, Bavaria Fiction is produced for Sky in partnership with Samsung Electronics Germany. And has been available to watch on Samsung Neo QLED 8Ks via Samsung TV Plus.

In India, Samsung TV Plus viewers can enjoy even more content from some of the top national and regional channel partners as Samsung continues to strengthen its relationship with channel partners including Discovery, Republic TV, Aaj Tak, Mastiii, Q TV, Pitaara, and Balle.

Users from Australia and New Zealand can first be owned and operated (O&O) channels that have been launched. These offer fan-favorite shows from the eighties, nineties, and noughties — collected under the umbrella channel Throwback TV.  As well as competitions and reality shows from around the globe under its Entertainment Hub channel.

Samsung TV Plus compatible devices as of August 2022 include:

– TV: Smart TVs released after 2016 (availability may vary by country)
– Mobile: Devices supporting Android 8.0 OS and above
– Smart Monitor: M8, M7, and M5 Smart Monitors
– Family Hub: Products of Model 2.0 or above released after 2017

Samsung TV Plus New Premium Content

Wrapping up… 

Via @Samnews24 we’ll be going to listening as many features and availability made by the Samsung in its various products as we detailed here on the Samsung TV plus. The app expands its global scope. Samsung will continue to invest in premium content, exclusive premieres, and key partnerships for its users. The platform is ready to perform one by one other diverse offerings of channels. And also shows across a wide variety of countries and languages. Also, strengthen its global partnerships in order to provide its viewers with the very best content, of course at no charge. You can dump in the comment box below. What you are expecting of it, also suggest, by the time I’ll back to you stay connected.

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