Deco Pic quick recap

Only one month past after new year in 2022 Samsung introduced new app which known as ‘Deco Pic’ for Samsung Galaxy users that many users are exposing as software. Various Galaxy smartphone owners awakened to a new Samsung app that evidently got installed on their handsets overnight.

And you may have previously discovered it in your app’s drawer. At first glimpse, it seems like it was downloaded and installed out of near without the customers permission, but that’s distant from the fact.

But you don’t worry about that because your Samsung handset didn’t install this app without your permission. It easily builds a shortcut for an app that already was on your handset but endure hidden in bottom the default Camera app.

What is Deco Pic?

DECO PIC is easily a group of innovative tools presents for Galaxy users to build their itself fun and funny images that they can post on social media. It begins as an additional mode for the Camera app, but various users were currently not known of its presence. A shortcut was including to your screen to simply advertise the innovative tools and assist you create silly photos and videos with live stickers, masks and frames.

But for doing that Deco Pic needs so allowance by users to access this app and the requirements will be- camera, audio, storage space-

1. Camera: To offers a graphic effect to photos or videos.
2.Audio: To record sound when recording video.
3.Storage space: To list or save the recorded pictures.

But if you want to delete this app you can also do that for that follow some steps-

  • Head to Settings option.
  • Choose Apps.
  • Detect Deco Pic.
  • Then press the three-dot menu button at the top-right.
  • Now choose Uninstall Updates.

Samsung Deco Pic is an application given by AR Zone which offers so many live stickers to discover exclusive and interesting images and videos too. If you have a Galaxy handset and you are already a Galaxy user for getting this app you don’t have to install any additional app to captures live sticker image and videos. DECO PIC give permission and you to tap on pictures and videos via the silly live stickers and send them with your friends and anyone.

How to use DECO PIC to capture AR photos-

Open DECO PIC and the app will welcome you with a viewfinder and a handful of AR item groups. You can choose an aspect ratio for your to-be AR image, move to the camera at the required topic, and begin modification the scene utilizing increase original items before discovering your shot.

The app has felt AR groups adding GIFs, masks, frames, and stamps. Although, users can look or searching for and download/buy AR live stickers from the Galaxy Store. Just search for ‘live stickers’ and assure that the choose sticker is acceptable via DECO PIC. Once you escort your AR photo, you’ll detect it in the Gallery app where you can customize, send it, and so on.

What is Samsung Deco Pic

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