Samsung Gallery update brings easy file transfer option

Using Microsoft OneDrive you can rely on it to save all your catchy images and videos. You can place your Gallery to automatically merge with OneDrive.

So your files can be obtained later on when you would like to again visit that catchy picture. You can also restore images and videos that were coincidentally deleted.

Samsung’s rolling out a new upgrade for its Gallery app, and while the modern version doesn’t take much new to the table, it should support and help Samsung users who own Galaxy devices accoutre with replaceable storage.

Samsung has launched version of its Gallery app. As per the changelog, the current version includes new options to the app’s Settings screen, which give permission to their users to simply back up media data an SD card to OneDrive.

So, if you are a Galaxy user or you own a Galaxy smartphone or tablet that yet has a microSD card slot and if you wish to back up the files on your SD card to OneDrive, you can now do this simply and instantly with the help of the new Gallery app via this new menu.

Galaxy smartphone and tablet users should be allowed to download Gallery version via the Galaxy Store.

However, obtainability looks different based on the market and models, so you have to recommend the Galaxy Store on your handset or tablet and look if you can download the current version.

Samsung Gallery does not obtain upgrades very secure, and when it does acquire more significant transformation, it’s usually through the latest versions of One UI or Android OS.

This new Gallery version ( might not be of much utilization to you if you don’t have a Galaxy model with nonessential SD storage, but the new menu for instantly OneDrive sharing is there if you want it.

Samsung Gallery update brings easy file transfer option

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