How Many Smartphones were Sold in 2021?

Samsung is a South Korean company that is one of the world’s largest producers of electronic devices. Samsung concentrate in the development of a broad variations of buyer and firm electronics, adding appliances, digital media devices, semiconductors, memory chips, and integrated systems.

Samsung handset knows for various reasons, and they offer various features in their device-


Multitasking, the Android app ecosystem, office productivity, Samsung DeX, long-lasting battery and power sharing, Knox security, Advanced biometric protection, Secure Folder, Privacy prioritized, Find My Mobile service, My Files app, Task automation, Smart home controls, Samsung Health, A wearable ecosystem, Best-in-class cameras, Greater customization, Device choice, 5G readiness Phone to PC (and beyond) continuity Easy switching.

Samsung offers so many features and functionality in their device and users always waited for Samsung new update and devices too.

How Many Smartphones Were Sold in 2021?

Separately, smartphone firms never disclosed their entire sales figures. For example, Apple pause reveling sales statistic in 2018. Fortunately, investigative firms live that do the excessive elevate for everyone to offer innermost details on the company’s performance.

In 2021, Counterpoint Research (Global research) fix the entire number of global smartphone sales at 1.39 billion units. IDC secure that number barely lower at 1.35 billion, produce a 5.7% maximize from 2020, while Gartner’s evaluation arrives a bit greater: above 1.43 billion, a 6.0% maximize from the previous year.

Even the evolution barely extend, one thing is sustained: South Korean tech juggernaut Samsung head the pack with over 270 million smartphone devices sold during the year, followed by Apple with over 235 million.

How Many Smartphones Were Sold in 2021

In the US market in 2021-

In the US market, Gartner told MUO that firms sell 153.27 million smartphone devices in 2021. Even so, the investigation firm didn’t offer a failure of the figures per firm, if data by other industry is anything to go by, Apple influence the market, calculating for at least half the entire sales.

As per the Gartner, Apple’s sales grew by 3.3% to 199.85 million. by to total sales, mainly control by Android developers, Apple’s sales numbers explained for just 14.8% of the 1.35 billion smartphones sold and reclaimed its second patch.

Globally in 2021-

Apple keep its state as the second-substantial smartphone retailer globally in 2021. Although, regardless its enormous sales evaluation, the company doesn’t endure an opportunity against the uncounted Android makers merged. According to Gartner, Apple deliver 235.70 million iPhones in 2021, while Android manufacturers shipped above 1 billion units.

Although, in the US market, the history or story has been day and night by the global market. Apple regulation the US market and has repeatedly consider for closely half, if not a bit above half, of the entire sales quarter to quarter in 2021. According to Counterpoint Research’s quarterly market share data dated August 2022, Apple repeatedly influence the market from Q1 2021 to Q2 2022.

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