Q2 2022: Samsung managed to increase shipments and market share

Global smartphone shipments cut down to 287 million units in the second quarter (Q2), an enormous 9 percent drop, as component orders are being through instantly and suppliers have begun to be worried about oversupply, a Canalys report has said.

The Q2 global smartphone statistics are the lowest quarterly figure since Q2 2020 when the pandemic first comes.

Samsung triggered the market with 61.8 million smartphones delivered and a 21 percent market share. The Smartphone market in North America is improbable in any other country, and the recent report from Canalys recalled us of the crisp dissimilarity in sales production and brand presentation.

Shipment in Q2 2022:

The inspection firm disclosed the comprehensive smartphone device delivery in Q2 2022 declined 6%, but Apple and Samsung managed to enlarge shipments and market share.

According to the report, every second smartphone, delivered in North America between April and June, is an iPhone.

The market managed to get back to the growth last year 2021 after a demanding 2020, but now some factors are moving the focus yet again.

The high affection,  enervate users’ self-confidence and all over profitable downturn is compress request, said by Runar Bjorhovde.

Most top manufacturers managed to match their delivery from Q2 2021.


Apple managed to enlarge its shipments for that thanks to strong iPhone 13 performance, while Samsung saw accomplishment with the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Interest in mid-rangers such as the Galaxy A33 and Galaxy A53 was not great as supposed.

Analysts say that people usually buying a smartphone device in the $250-$600 cost range move to go for a budgeted device, and spread the space between starting-level handset and flagships.

Demand in the low-end recalled rigid as the Galaxy A13, the modern new Moto G Power phones, and so many carrier-branded clarifications from Verizon and T-Mobile offer affordable choices.

Canalys also disclosed all three iPhone 13 variations were among the Top 5 brand leaders in Q2 2022, along with the iPhone SE (2022) and the iPhone 12.

Prognosticate for the second half of the year are requested will keep reducing, and companies will put money into deliberately in marketing to shive their recent catalog in packages and another advertisement rather than release more and more new products.

Now move to worldwide smartphone shipments have declined by 8.9 percent YoY in Q1 2022 with 314.1 million units. Samsung remained the leading smartphone manufacturer globally with a 23.4 percent market share and shipments of 73.6 million units. Apple is in the second position with an 18 percent market share.

Apple shipped 48 million iPhones worldwide, up +3% YoY, for a 16% global market share in Q2 2022.

Samsung managed to increase shipments and market share

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