Purchased a new Samsung Phone? Here are the first things you need to do

Samsung devices arrive with so many apps and settings. When it appears to the software Samsung follows an autonomist approach that offers you everything which you question and a complete lot more. The advantage of this approach is clear you obtain so many features, you can modify your handset first and foremost, and for that, you don’t have a requirement to download untrustable third-party apps for any work.

At a similar duration, it also asks for uncertainty, among untechnical users as regards how to improve collaboration via your Galaxy handset. Now let’s switch what we think every customer should do on a new Samsung phone, it doesn’t matter if you’re a daily user, devotee, power user, or gamer.

1. Set Up a Samsung Account-

The first thing you have to do when setting up your Galaxy handset is to make a Samsung account. This assists back up your data to Samsung Cloud in case your phone is lost, or you easily need to restore it when updating to a new Galaxy device after some time.

Remarking on missing your handset, you also want a Samsung account to use the Find My Mobile services. Without this service, Samsung will not be able to assist you in searching for your missing device. If you don’t previously have a Samsung account, you can create one by going to your device Settings.

  • Tap on accounts and backup.
  • Go to manage accounts.
  • Now add an account.
  • Go to your Samsung account and follow the account creation process from there.

2. Set the Side Key to Launch the Power Menu-

In certain long-tapping, the power button should open the power-off menu but on Galaxy devices performing these activities, Samsung offers a native voice assistant Bixby by default for users. This is apparently to be how you need to make use of your device on a daily basis; having to talk voice commands than easily click on a button is very resist-intuitional and obtain more time. To transform this setting follow some basic steps

  • Tap to go Settings.
  • Go to Advanced features.
  • Click on the Side key and pick the Power off menu under Press and hold.
  • Now, when you long-press the power button, your phone will show the power-off menu
  • Where you can disable or restart your phone, enable Emergency mode, or launch your device in Safe mode in place of waking up Bixby.
  • This is one of the most basic methods to create your Samsung phone more user-friendly.

3. Scroll Down From the Home Screen to Access the Notification Panel-

A very easy and useful setting that’s not moved on by default on Samsung phones is scrolling down from the home screen to open the notification panel. Because of this, you’re pushed to arrive at top of your screen and construct the device less available for people with smaller hands.

  • To alter this setting, go to Settings.
  • Home screen and list on scroll down for notification panel.
  • Now, you can drag it down anywhere on the home screen and it’ll take down the notification panel.
  • Scroll down once again and it’ll access the Quick Settings panel.

4. Move the Default Apps to Google Apps-

If you prefer to use Google apps as an opponent to Samsung’s alternative, you can place them as your default choice by moving to Settings Apps Choose default apps.

  • Click on a category such as a Browser app and select from Samsung Internet or Google Chrome or any other installed browser on your model.
  • Do similar for another group add the Digital assistant app, Phone apps, SMS apps, and more.

5. Uninstall Unuseful Samsung Apps-

If you wish to uninstall so many apps at once, this method might obtain so much time. In that case, you can mass uninstall apps like so:

  •  Arrive in your app drawer and long-tap an app you wish to delete.
  • On the pop-up menu, click Select.
  • Choose all the apps you want to delete and click Uninstall.
  • Keep clicking OK on each pop-up as they come.

6. Hide Undesirable Apps From the App Drawer-

For apps that can not be uninstalled or disabled, there’s yet a way you can at least switch them out of your spot. You can hide them away so they don’t confuse up your app drawer and create, irrelevant difficulties to grab in your favorite apps.

  • To do this, go to Settings.
  • Move the on Home screen .
  • Hide apps and choose all the apps you wish to hide from your home screen as well as the app drawer (or Apps screen as Samsung calls it). Once pick up.
  • Click Done.

7. Double-Click the Power Key to Instant Launch the Camera-

Here’s how to perform this:

  • Go to Settings .
  • Then Advanced features.
  • Move to the Side key.
  • Toggle on Double click and choose Quick launch camera.
  • If you use a third-party camera app instead of the default one.
  • Choose the Open app and click the Settings icon.
  • Then click on the app you wish to launch from the app drawer.

The First Seven Things to Do on Your Samsung Handset-

Samsung phones arrive with various features that it can be a quite an enormous attempt to navigate them. Even so, most default settings perform well, some are set deliberately to market Samsung services while others obey as elective supplements that can be manually moved on to decrease the issues you might face with your phone.

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