Samsung Exynos: Considered to be the light of Android add by 6G capabilities

The South Korean tech giant, is also catering for the needs of mobile phone SoCs processors. And therefore, Samsung is considered one of the most important suppliers of mobile phone SoC ( system-on-a-chip ) processors. Also, it fulfilled the requirement as it once supplied to many domestic mobile phone brands. The in-house and self-developed Exynos Orion processor is considered the light of Android. Unfortunately, this year’s Exynos 2200 was overturned, even if this Generation of processors uses AMD’s RDNA GPU technology.

Future of the Exynos processors

It was rumoured that Samsung gave Exynos earlier but the same is denied by Samsung. It has denied that the next-generation Exynos 2300 is also under development. While the GPU will continue to use AMD’s GPU authorization.

To add further, not only the Samsung give up its plan to develop its own processor but at the same time, it will increase its investment. As it going to make the Exynos the best processor in the world. It also puts continuous efforts to become a brand trusted by consumers around the globe.

And as per Samsung’s plan with respect to its in-house Exynos processor, then the technical level of the Exynos processor will be comprehensively improved in the future. Other than the advanced GPU in association with AMD. The functions of other aspects of the architecture will also be improved. And this improvisation is not only in terms of mobile experience. But simultaneously also for autonomous driving and future 6G networks.

Google Tensor’s third generation is rumoured to be working at Samsung

It’s been said that Samsung is presently in the early testing and development phase. Along with Google of its third generation Tensor chipset. However, all this info should certainly be taken with a pinch of salt.

Whereas reportedly, a piece of info coming from the rumour mill that Tensor 2 is set for the Pixel 7 series in a few months. While it has been half of the way and the same has been done by Samsung on this third generation of Tensor. Although, as of now, all of the leaks are rumours and not taking the shape. Therefore, this info certainly is taken with a pinch of salt as not been revealed by either Google or Samsung officials yet.


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