Health Connect discontinue in app launcher after update

Health Connect app icon is concluded with the Samsung and Pixel App launchers! Health Connect was the app that lets you easily share health and fitness data with your well-being apps without compromising on privacy. Google made a sudden change while it was planning to launch the app in the fall of this year. But this behavior is intentionally occupied. The icon is removed from the Samsung and Pixel app launchers.

Ohk before you make any particular mindset. Let me know you it is a mistake by Google, the app’s update changelog clearly mentions that it was an intentional change. The two ways for reaching the app are one from the Play Store itself and the other to open from the App Info page.

About the Health Connect app

Health Connect app gives you a simple way to share data between your health, fitness, and well-being apps without compromising on privacy.

Health Connect offers a range of data types. It helps to focus on activity or sleep, nutrition, or vitals, sharing data between your apps can help you better understand your health. It gives you simple controls.

  • Activity: This captures any activity that a user does. Like, such as running, meditation, etc.
  • Body Measurement: This captures common data related to the body.
  • Sleep: This captures interval data related to a user’s length and type of sleep.
  • Cycle Tracking: This captures menstrual cycles and related data points, such as the binary result of an ovulation test.
  • Vitals: Including blood glucose, temperature, and blood oxygen saturation captures the user’s general health.

Google wants Health Connect to be a back-end service that will be a part of the Android

The Health Connect app, which is all set to debut in fall 2022, will be available to “everyone from Google Play as a partner integrations launch.” This partner integration includes Fitbit, Google Fit, Samsung Health, and other early access partners including Withings and MyFitnessPal.

Changelog has arrived “Home screen icon removed. You can open Health Connect from Settings > Apps > Health Connect, or from your Quick Settings menu.” Even side by this there is an alternative Quick Settings toggle available. That allows you to open the app on your Samsung or Pixel phone. As found it an uncomplicated way to open the app it is wholly Google’s requisite way for users to access it that way.

The idea behind removing the app icon is because Google wants it to be a back-end service that is a part of Android. It is so similar to the Pixel Buds app only accessible through the Bluetooth menu on Pixel devices, while on other devices. It is available as an app icon or shortcut.


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