Google Play system update remove Check For Update button

Google Play system update! This happens lately in August 2022. Google Play system update announced this week, Android owners are seeking out the “Check for update” button only to find that it no longer exists. Although it’s not clear whether this is a bug or an intentional behavior change. But this is taken for both Pixel and Samsung.

It happens that the Google Play system have been progressed and does the optimized development regarding the removable button. Before time while opening Settings app > Security (Hub) and tap “Google Play system update” to open a screen that for the most part notes how “Your device is up to date,” the “Last checked for update” time, current Android version, and the date of the Google Play system update. At the bottom-right corner, you’d find “Check for update.” Now, this could find again.

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The page isn’t there anymore. Present information avail to visualize the date on the previous screen. Reports of this removal started earlier this week, but it’s becoming more widespread. In our case on a Pixel 6a running Android 13, the button was available up until today. Meanwhile, we were made aware that Check for the update was gone on some Samsung devices as well.

Google Play System check for updates

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