List of Samsung Apps with Material You theme [One UI]

Google unveiled Material Design at I/O back in the year 2014. By the time of its evolvement, there’s progress a great deal over the years. Although the latest major iteration is the biggest overhaul since it launched.

Material You

Material You, a brand new UI styling and as the name suggests, is all about personalization, and it first launched on Google Pixel phones with Android 12.

Google unveiled a brand new UI styling called Material You with Android 12. It extracts colours from the phone’s home screen wallpaper and uses it across the operating system for various UI elements. Thus, it’s likely the most personalized design language out there, so there are a lot of technical details to dive into.

Samsung Tweaks on ‘Material You’

There was no evidence of Material You, when Samsung’s One UI 4.0 release its first Beta on top of Android 12, although the same feature has been introduced in the second Beta release.

List of Samsung Apps with Material You theme [One UI]

Now with the enhancement of the new theming engine of Material You, it seems to acquire a place in all Samsungs Stock apps. Here in this, after choosing any wallpaper, a new menu appears and prompts you to choose the new colour scheme out of several colours (all inspired by the colours from the selected wallpaper). As it acquires across the whole stocks Samsung apps, so the following are the Samsung system apps which follow the Material You in One UI 4.0.

  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • Contacts
  • Device Care
  • Gallery
  • Messages
  • My Files
  • Phone
  • Reminders
  • Samsung Cloud
  • Samsung Pass
  • Settings
  • Tips
  • Weather


Although creating custom looks from Material You colours requires a bit extra assistance and that can be made possible with the third-party app called Repainter. And the application gives a free trial to its new users, to have a taste of the same.

It can work smoothly over Google Pixels, the Samsung Galaxy series and other smartphones running the Android 12 OS. It can modify the ‘Material You’ colours that appear on your device and open up the door to more customisation. It includes changing the intensity and vibrancy of colours within apps. Now to understand the repainter in a full-fledged mode refer to this article on

Repainter Freemium

If talking about the new pricing model of Repainter is “freemium” and is intended to be designed to help support future development of the apps. Now the new users who download Repainter and which is starting from today will be offered three days of access. This is absolutely full access and is totally free for three days. After these three days of the free trial, the app will cost $3.99 per year in the US or $9.99 for permanent access. If you already purchased Repainter, you’ll retain Pro access permanently.

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