Rear dual screen patent revealed by Samsung: Transparent display?

The first Samsung Galaxy Z Fold was released nearly three years ago. Before 2019 a model with a foldable display is an object you can only look at in technology demos or science fiction movies. In 2020 foldable smartphones are manufactured close to every major producer, and they become a bit similar.

So, if we ask ourselves that what’s new? A current Samsung patent application has shown up on the (WIPO) World Intellectual Property Organization website and visual a display that could give us a perspective look at the smartphones of the future.


Although the words in the patent sound complicated mainly because it’s through an English translation, SamMobile found shattered objects down, offering a superior plan of the technology associated. Looking at the pictures, there is a mobile phone with what is visible as a secondary display on its back.

Patent application:

While this kind of technology has been seen before, Samsung’s version in the patent application is a bit disparate. Samsung’s rear display panel is evidently transparent and can perform like a standard display or in a more downcast role like an (AOD)always-on display. The panel can be modified to display different designs, model details, and many more. Even so, when the display is connected to a camera, it can also display live view victual from the section.

Samsung did file this application, but there is no reveling how long the firm has moved with it. But, naturally, this is Samsung and we knew that they are performing on interesting objects and when it presented to displays. The firm currently exhibits a few of its future technologies, brag foldable, rollable, and even enlargeable displays. So while the patent fills out may never arrive at fulfillment, the future of Samsung models seems intense.

Rear dual screen patent by Samsung Rear dual screen patent revealed by Samsung

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