Google resolve if you can’t set up Assistant on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

As Samsung recently incorporated a new enhancement in the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro. Customers are more obliged to review the new product. In such a way, Samsung is also advisory their customer to provide tools for optimized use. Customers who are in starting first to receive Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Google tent to send “important” advice for those that are having trouble getting Assistant for Wear OS up and running.

To put activate Google Assistant for wear OS. It requires that your android phone must have installed/updated and open the app on your watch. You have to explicitly “Activate” Assistant, optionally enable the “Hey Google” hot word, and turn on personal results. More options are available in System Settings.

Google is warning the customers about an issue that isn’t specified. The “issues with setting up Google Assistant” on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series. The company states it is “best to wait for 15 minutes once your watch setup is complete” after the process fails and before you go try again.


• If you own a Samsung Galaxy watch 5 series and have issues with setting up Google Assistant before you reattempt setup, it’s best to wait for 15 minutes once your watch setup is complete.

It is although no normal but quite manageable, and we’ve not faced any issues on the units we have. Google Assistant is pre-installed on the Galaxy Watch 5, but not set as the default (Bixby).

Assistant is Google’s personal assistant

Also, Assistant is Google’s personnel that is capable of answering questions, performing automated tasks, and more.

  • Devices powered by the Google Assistant |
  • Google Home/Mini/Max
  • Tichome Mini
  • Sony S50G Smart Speaker
  • Insignia Voice Speaker
  • JBL Link 10/20

What you can ask Google Assistant

  • You can get things done on your wrist. Acjectly as it equipped with Alarms, Reminders, Timers, and Notes that might help to manage fizzy life.
  • You can control your home via News while Playing the news on my Smart Display. Play Spotify on the Kitchen display in Music and the Volume could be set to 5. And the Media control can pause music.
  • You can Ask Google Assistant About any Calculation, Dictionary while searching for a complex word. Theirs also the availability of Quick answers, Unit conversions, and Translations.
  • The voice actions use your phone unless you have a watch that supports an LTE connection. The action provides Weather forecast, Traffic, and also Navigate.
  • Communication an avail in voice actions use your phone unless you have a watch that supports an LTE connection, Calls, Texts, and Emails.
  • Under the Health specifications Assistant can assist your Sleep how did you sleep last night? Also can show your Sleep summary.

It might happen the time user after the initial failure is disposed to repeat the set-up flow immediately and get frustrated when it doesn’t work again. May it also take place that misses out on Google Assistant while not attempting again.  the wait isn’t too long and hopefully gets addressed in the future as this makes for an unideal box experience. As luck would have it Google resolved the query.

Wear OS is Google Assistant on Galaxy 5 Pro and has even caused so many changes. It is also a nuisance of its strap design can be wireless charging and more. If you come across something that seems new while owning or observing Samsung Galaxy 5 and Galaxy 5 Pro. You can dump us in the comment box and also stay tuned t be updated.

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