Android Auto 8.0 rolls out without Coolwalk

As promised by the Mountain View-based search giant, they going to bring Coolwalk to users at the beginning of the summer. The time when presumably everyone rushing off on road trips. And the users are been waiting for Google planned Android Auto redesign for almost a year. Although we are already at the end of August. Reportedly a new update to Android Auto has been released with full of disappointment everywhere.

Moving further, the newly launched beta version of Android Auto is available to download (Build 8.0) and does not include Coolwalk.

What is Coolwalk

For the users who are not aware then Coolwalk is inspired by the CarPlay dashboard, and basically, it splits the Android Auto UI into multiple cards. It means each card runs a distinct app individually. And allows users to run various apps simultaneously side by side.

Therefore, it enables each app to run on its own card. So the applications like navigation software, a music player, active phone calls and certain other apps are on the very same screen. Despite the size of the screen, Coolwalk works on both standard and widescreen resolutions.

Another reason for curiosity among users is the leak that unveiled a split-screen UI. Also, the same was followed by an official announcement during the I/O conference. Thus, all these make people’s expectations to the next level. And finally, when the results day arrives it does not include the most anticipated Coolwalk. Hence, at first glance, it has been said that Google has missed its ETA for the debut of most awaiting Android Auto 8.0.

High time for Google Android Auto

Also, in addition to the delayed updates and blank displays, Google finally killed Android Auto on the phone screens. And hence drivers now solely rely on Driving Mode. On which much of the needed features are missing. On the other hand, Apple continues to develop its next-gen CarPlay platform. And this is high time for Google to set up its game in this competition. Notably, iOS has supported the same split-screen feature in cars for nearly three years.

Now, at this point, the only thing we can do is wait and hope Google pushes the green switch sooner rather than later as people are eagerly for its showcased and updated version.

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