Google says Android Auto fixes Galaxy S22 blank screen problem

Over the past months, several users of the Samsung Galaxy S22 claimed to get a black screen on Android Auto. The tech giant Google has now stated that the issue is now fixed.

The original issue was noted as the screen becoming full blank instead of that only Android Auto’s bottom bar controls. Perhaps, Apps won’t be visible, despite the bug, the Google official forum has a specific page that shows a number of comments on Google’s forums.

The solution was started fixing three months ago, and now Google said the problem occurred in the version Android Auto 7.7 now it got fixed in all respects.

The question still arrives, is it really fixed? Android Auto team recently confirmed that Google has “implemented a fix” that is present in Android Auto 7.7 and newer.

Unfortunately, the Android Auto versions 7.7 and 7.8 compatibilities between the Galaxy S22 haven’t fix yet – users reported. Some users claim that newer updates have broken Android Auto support on their device despite it previously working.

The thread is still open and seems the company will mention a new official statement soon. Google is also looking at the core issue that origin wireless Android Auto has a blank screen. Stay tuned for more information.

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Meanwhile, Google has officially released the Android 13 version for its Pixel devices and other manufacturers are said to get it later this year.

Google says Android Auto fixes Galaxy S22 blank screen problem

Android 13 Closer View:

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