Android 13: Automatically clean up clipboard content after 1 hour

Google Search brings streaming services section for specific games has drive the official version upgrade of Android 13 to Pixel models. The company also declared that Android 13 has been officially open sourced, and the source code of the new Android 13 system has been transferred to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). middle.

Google has initiate various enhancement  in Android 13. One of the improvement in protecting user privacy is that the Android 13 system will clean up automatically.

And content of the clipboard clean up after a time period, so as to assure that spiteful apps cannot access these user data or user information.

That means in the Android 13 system, delicate information such as credit card account numbers, passwords, mobile phone numbers, etc. saved by users in the clipboard will not endure forever.

Android 13 -Automatically clean up clipboard content after 1 hour

Google explicate: “This is to remove unplanned clipboard access. If you copy crucial data such as email addresses, mobile phone numbers, login accreditation, etc. on your device, Android will automated clean up your clipboard after a era. Board History.”

It is substance described that Google did not say how extensive the clipboard information will clear after, so 9to5Google scheduled a test and the test outcomes exhibit that in Android 13, the clipboard information will be automatically deleted after 1 hour clean up.

Furthermore, several password management applications have lastly given the similar function, such as Enpass will clean up the content imitation to the clipboard after a user-set time to support the user’s delicate information.

The official version of Android 13 further improve the Material You theme inaugurate in Android 12, enhance already available privacy controls, and present the ability to copy and paste between acceptable Android devices.

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